List of Technology Facts You Probably Did Not Know About

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives now. We are using it one way or another. With continuous advancements in tech, humans have become dependent now more than ever. To explore where tech stands today internet packages like Cox internet packages can come of great use. Incorporating technology aids in a faster, more efficient, and easier life.

Below is a compilation of 14 interesting facts about technology that you probably did not know of.

Ever website is Still Online

The first website ever created in 1991 is still available and open to access on the internet. The site contains information on how to use the World Wide Web, how to share files over the Internet, and ways to set up web servers. Interestingly, HTML is solely used in making this website. There is no coding done through JavaScript or CSS.

Creation of Emojis

It was in the 1990s when the first ever emoji was designed. This happened in Japan. The creator felt a graphic symbol would be an effective way to express emotions through text. Back then only basic emotions like happy, sad, and angry were made into emojis. Today we have an emoji for almost anything imaginable.

“The Creeper”

This was the first ever computer virus created. This program could move between two different computers and pop up a message reading, “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!” This creation was in no way intended to harm computers; however, it opened avenues for the creation of malicious software. Thus, it is important to have security systems installed.

3D Printer

“Stereolithography apparatus” or SLA-1 was the original name for 3D printers. It made use of stereolithography to print out 3D objects. This marked a new milestone for the world of technology.

Megabytes Weighed Heavy

Megabytes would weigh 100s of pounds back in the day. When computers introduced hard drives, the entire computer cabinet weighed around 2200 pounds but could store only 5 MBs of data.

Picture Exposure

The first ever picture taken in 1826 took a whole eight hours to expose. The time duration drastically fell in the following years.

Screen Reading is Slower

People tend to read 10% slower from a computer screen compared to when reading from paper. Furthermore, the blinking rate of a person falls from 20 to 7 times per minute when reading from paper compared to a screen.

Wooden Mouse

The first-ever prototype of a mouse was carved out of wood. The wire reminded the creator of a mouse’s tail.

Alarm Clock

The first ever alarm clock designed in 1786 could only ring at one time, that was 4 am. It was much later that alarm clocks could be set to ring at any time.

Barcode Scanning

In 1974, chewing gum was the first product to be ever scanned. Later this scanning developed into barcoding. This barcoding became a vital feature of product labeling, now famously known as the Universal Product Code (UPC) system.

From Gamers to Surgeons

Surgeons who regularly played video games growing up are said to make fewer errors during surgery. Not only that but they are also proven to have a faster completion rate in acts like suturing when compared to others.

“Phantom Vibration Syndrome”

This is a tech syndrome when an individual feels their phone is vibrating, but it is not. Being too involved in your phone at all times is a common cause of this syndrome.

QWERTY Keyboards

Typewriters were used in place of keyboards to type out text. Fast typing would cause the alphabet buttons on typewriters to regularly get jammed. As a result, to slow down typing speed and avoid jamming, the QWERTY keyboard was designed.

Degree Obsoletion

Interestingly, tech degrees are of little to no use. Tech is developing at a rapid rate, about twice every two years. In calculation, a four-year degree is of only 50% use because the other 50% will be obsolete by the time you finish college. Thus, a tech degree only looks good on paper.

This concludes our dive into 14 interesting facts about technology. Hopefully, this list was an informative read for you.


In today’s fast-paced world, technology has woven itself into the very fabric of our existence, shaping the way we live, work, and connect. With each passing day, our dependence on technology grows, and it has become an indispensable tool for achieving faster, more efficient, and easier lives. As we marvel at the incredible advancements in the tech sphere, it’s crucial to ensure that we stay connected to this digital frontier. Internet packages like Spectrum One plans play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between us and the vast world of technology. These plans empower us to fully harness the potential of the digital age, from exploring the first-ever website to navigating the world of emojis and beyond. The 14 intriguing facts about technology showcased here serve as a reminder of the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken and the boundless opportunities that await as we continue to innovate and adapt in this ever-evolving technological landscape.

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