Punjab Govt Launches Online App for Learner Driving License

Punjab Govt Launches Online App for Learner Driving License

The Punjab government has just unveiled a plan to streamline the process of obtaining driving licenses, aiming to provide citizens with a more accessible and efficient experience. Starting December 10th, citizens in Punjab can submit their Learner’s Driving License applications at Patrol Posts, Khidmat Markaz, Police Stations, and online through a new mobile app called, ‘Online Learner Web App’.

The newly introduced online system will offer a user-friendly interface, allowing citizens to apply for licenses from the convenience of their homes and avoid long queue. This upgrade is anticipated to be more efficient and user-friendly compared to the previous system in place, which was developed in 2003.

Scheduled for launch tomorrow evening, the ‘Online Learner Web App’ will simplify the application and testing process. Through this app, Punjab citizens can effortlessly apply for their Learner’s Driving Licenses from home. The new app will be available from 6:00 pm on December 10th.

Furthermore, starting December 11th, the Punjab government will provide the facility for the renewal of regular driving license, duplicate license, and international license online as well through the Punjab police app. This is going to further facilitate citizens across the province.

This initiative marks a significant stride toward facilitating citizens in obtaining driving licenses. The new system is expected to not only save time and reduce hassles for applicants but also contribute to enhancing road safety across the province.

Source: https://www.incpak.com/national/punjab-govt-launches-online-app-for-learner-driving-license/

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