Cricket hat-tricks

Hat-tricks are a concept observed across many sports. Cricket also has its own versions of the hat-tricks. Currently, to make online sports bet visit 1xBet, where many wagering options can be encountered, including whether a certain player will score a hat-trick.

An occurrence of this kind can be defined as follows. This happens when a bowler manages to take three wickets with three consecutive deliveries. It should be said if these consecutive deliveries are interrupted by the presence of another bowler, or if another innings starts, it is still considered a hat-trick. Also, it is important to clarify that making a run out on a player does not count into a hat-trick.

These occurrences are quite rare, for this reason, many players who make such achievements do remember them fondly. It is possible to visit 1xBet to make online sports bets, which also offers excellent opportunities to do on multiple cricket matches.

An extremely rare occurrence

Since 1879, when Test cricket started to be officially played and high-quality records were kept, less than 50 hat-tricks have been registered. Right now, fans can make bet cricket on 1xBet on all Test matches, and decide on whether they also want to try their luck on these hat-tricks.

For this reason, the list of players who have done such a feat is really small. Some names include:

  • Fred Spofforth;
  • Jimmy Mathews;
  • Wasim Akram;
  • and also Nuwan Zoysa.

All these players have scored hat-tricks at some moment in their careers. The fact that this kind of occurrence is highly unlikely puts them in a special place in the history of the sport. Currently, on 1xBet it is possible to make a cricket bet on all the teams and players who are likely to achieve this.

Beyond the hat-trick

Hat-tricks are unlikely to be seen in a cricket game. However, from time to time, they can indeed take place. If an occurrence like this is likely to take place on a match, don’t forget to wager on it on the website. However, there have been some extremely rare instances when bowlers have taken not three but four consecutive wickets.

A particularly impressive achievement of this kind was obtained by Kevan James from Hampshire. He took four consecutive wickets while also scoring a century in the same match. Apparently, this has been the only case when four consecutive wickets and a century have been scored by the same player in the same match. The highest-quality cricket betting options are available at 1xBet, where lots of different outcomes can be chosen.

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