4 Tips To Easily Declutter Your Life

The best thing you can do to go ahead in your life is to have a blank canvas. Ok, we usually don’t have the option to start all over with a completely blank canvas. But we can get rid of all the extra luggage we’ve needlessly carried around. Maybe you can feel its weight on your shoulders with regular tensions. Or maybe your head feels as if it was full to the brim. Stop right there and take a step back. Declutter your life and set sail for the next part of your journey. Get rid of your junk inside as well as outside of you and check for affordable junk removals like on this page.


1.  Starting With Your Outside World is Easier

Psychologists always say that your home is the mirror of your soul. If it is cluttered, chances are, you’re quite cluttered inside as well. But why do we hang on to so many things? It’s quite easy: memories. Memories create a sentimental value both to materialistic objects and to memories stored in your mind. Unfortunately, less pleasant memories have a tendency to stick around a little longer. Some people find it hard to ever let go of them, though it keeps them from growing.


Imagine, you had to carry around lots of suitcases and bags. Because you’re so attached to them, you can’t let go of them either. The heavier they get, the more your back starts to ache and also your shoulders. Every next step you take turns into such a painful move, that you stop at some point. You can’t go on with all the luggage. The wisest you could do was to drop some of it. Once you have rested and checked your luggage for the most necessary items, it’s easy to go ahead. The weight has gotten so much lighter and it’s no longer painful.


When it comes to metaphorical baggage that you carry around, you may want to take a break. Take some time for yourself and focus on what you can do for yourself in your surroundings. You’ll notice this step is a lot easier than beginning with decluttering what’s inside of you.

Starting With Your Outside World is Easier

2.  Declutter Your Home First

Since a cluttered home witnesses all your inner clutter, you may want to work from the outside to the inside. It’s as if you’re peeling an onion. Look around you all you’ll certainly notice the piles of catalogs you never check again or the magazines. If you open your closet and have a hard time not being crunched by its contents, you certainly need some space. Don’t get an additional chest of drawers to create more storage space. Do a thorough junk removal first.


Since all of us tend to keep things out of sentimental value, it’s best to go cold turkey with this step. Set up a plan to declutter one room by another and one section after another.


For example, you decide to tackle your living room. Declutter your bookshelves on one day (or two if it’s a lot) and the DVDs on another and so on. Take three boxes and set yourself a timer to 20 minutes. Switch on your favorite tunes and commit yourself to be done with one section within the timer’s time frame. Pull out one item after another and ask yourself the following questions:


  • Have I used it within the last year?
  • Would I buy it, if I saw it at a shop right now?
  • Do I like it?
  • Does it still fit (clothes, shoes, etc)?


The last question is especially important if it’s a gift or an item you inherited. You don’t have to keep items that you don’t like. Don’t feel guilty because your dead aunt could be insulted if you tossed it. Put items you really love and treasure back, items you might be able to sell in another, to donate into the second, and to toss into the junk removal box.

Declutter Your Home First

3.  Commitment Junk Removal

Now is the best time ever to start learning when to say ‘no’. Do you really enjoy attending that yoga class? Does it make you feel energized? If so, by all means, stick to it. But if you don’t like the teacher or only signed up as a favor to your friend, stop going. Decluttering your life also means junk removal in terms of commitments you don’t enjoy. You don’t have to attend that dinner club either if the other members are somewhere far away from your standpoint. You likely feel rather drained after commitments you don’t like doing. No one’s going to rip off your head if something no longer serves you.

4.  Social Media Declutter

How many social media apps do you have? Do you need all of them? Do you really need to follow all those pages or people in your network? Social media is about connecting with like-minded people that lift you up and inspire you. The more apps you have and the more countless other people you follow, the sooner you clutter your mind – again. Do some thorough junk removal and take care of each app one day after another. You could also simply remove some of them. Set aside a designated time when you check social media, too. read more trending posts: The Brief and Only Social Media Marketing Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Social Media Declutter

Parting Words on Junk Removal and Decluttering

It may sound harsh, but you may also benefit from junk removal among your friends. You know, we meet someone in life at particular times. It’s always the right person for that time, but hardly ever for the rest of your life. Thus, it’s only natural that our paths split at some point. Maybe you’ll meet again one day in a different setting. But don’t waste your time with people that pull you down or drain your precious energy. Spend more time with inspiring people who can go beyond the superficial and into depth with meaningful conversations.

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