Top 10 Braiding Hair Influencers in the USA

Braided hairstyles are just one of the many ways that people express their individuality through their hair. Braids are a form of art that is deeply rooted in African-American culture. Everyone wears their braids differently, either by accessorizing them or combining two braided hairstyles into one.

Beauty influencers utilize popular social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to ensure that their followers’ bad hair days are a thing of the past. There is a beauty influencer for everyone, from showing how to braid to reviewing and introducing braiding hair products.

Below is a list of the ten most popular braiding influencers in the United States to follow for ideas.

1.Kersti Pitre

Kersti Pitre

Kersti Pitre with a knotless box braids

This braiding influencer is a self-taught braider who tries different braided hairstyles, knotless braids, and cornrows. She shows her followers the installation process, how to care for it, the removing process, and the aftercare required.

The self-taught braiding influencer adds her twists to braided hairstyles. If you’re searching for new ideas, you should follow her.

2.Braids Gang

Braids Gang

Braids gang with chunky box braids


This is a braiding influencer that empowers women to be confident through their hair. From knotless bob box braids to unique feed-in braids, you can find various braided hairstyles to save for your next visit to a braiding salon.

The braided gang also shares their tips and tricks on wearing making that will complement your braided hairstyles.

3.Braided_ (Xia Charles)

Braided_ (Xia Charles)

Ombre small braids


The braids influencer from New York has worked with well-known celebrities. Her one-of-a-kind designs and the way she personalizes each braided hairstyle are incredible. Her interpretation of classic box braids is one of the most beautiful designs she has ever done.

She also demonstrates how to apply hair treatments to braided hair without disrupting the patterns.



The wet look style


This hair influencer knows everything there is to know about hair care, whether for natural curls or braids. She provides hair care advice and styling techniques for all hair types and stages of growth.

Moknows hair shares her hair knowledge with her followers, covering everything from product ingredients to benefits.



Jasmine in braids


Another hair influencer who shares her results from experimenting with trendy hairstyles, braided hairstyles being a popular one. Jasmine also shares tutorial videos with her followers to create various hairstyles from start to finish.

Jasmine discusses the dos and don’ts of haircare, from skincare to haircare, because some hair damages take years to repair.



Trophie in yarn braids


From showing her Instagram followers how to do a great twist out, sleek ponytail, or cute protective braiding hairstyles. Trophie shares not only her hair tips but also her journey to motherhood.



Two-strand twists


Cocoandclick demonstrates how to apply hair products to both her natural and protective hairstyles. This hair influencer posts her meals on Instagram, proving that you are what you eat yet again. Internally, a healthy diet promotes hair growth.




Mae Hunter aka coolcalmcurly


As her Instagram handle implies, she assists women on their natural hair journeys to remain cool, calm, and curly by providing informative hair care tips and suggestions. She demonstrates to her followers how to use hair products on their natural hair to strengthen and condition it before attempting various braided hairstyles.



4C Afro curls


Women with 4c hair should follow her for everything from beautiful braid-outs to natural hair care. From blow-drying your hair to wearing headscarves, this rising influencer enjoys sharing her easy-to-recreate hairstyles with her 229k Instagram followers.



Thick afro curls


For years, this lifestyle and hair influencer has shown women how to keep their kinky and coily hair healthy. She tries out different hair products to style her hair in braided hairstyles and gives honest feedback.


You’ll need trendy braided hairstyles to try now that you know who to follow for braided hairstyles on Instagram. Browse through the top ten braided hairstyles to try.

1.Topknot for small braids

Topknot for small braids

Box braids top-knot hair

This is one of the sweetest hairstyles that will give you that extra height. Small box braids lead to a thickly braided bun.

2.Medium box braids

Medium box braids

Medium box braids


Alternating between box braids and delicate curls demonstrates your creativity and sense of style. The braided hairstyle can be customized with different partings and patterns.


3. Thick twisty braids

Thick twisty braids

Thick twists hairstyle


Due to the perfect and mesmerizing details in the designs, thick twisty braids are one of the hottest braided hairstyles of 2021. Yarns and seashells can be used as accents.

4.Crown braids

Crown braids

Crown braids


Crown braids will make you feel like royalty. The halo-like braids form a crown around your head. Adding gold accessories will only make it look more regal.

5.Half-braided hairstyle

Half-braided hairstyle

Accessorize your hair with shells


This chic braided hairstyle exudes beachy vibes. Make shell and bead braids and leave the rest of your hair curly or wavy.

6.Wrap-around ponytail

Wrap-around ponytail

Braided ponytail


Wrapping your hair around a braided ponytail keeps it out of your face while looking very classy and fashionable. Statement pieces, such as hoop earrings or bright neckpieces, will round out the look.

7. Big braids

Big braids

Chunky braids


With these big chunky braids, you can tame your curls. It will not only protect your hair, but it will also protect your natural hair from everyday pollution.

8.Undercut box braid

Undercut box braid

Undercut braids


Make a statement with box braids and a creative undercut. Adding colors to the braids will brighten up the hairstyle.

9.Intricate cornrows

Intricate cornrows



Beautiful and intricate cornrows will make your braided hairstyle look fashionable. You can achieve thickness and length while also creating creative designs.

10.Feed-in ombre braids

feed in ombre brided

Feed-in braids


Combining thin and thick braids is as trendy as it gets. Alter the braid sizes with a lovely ombre hair color. Make it your own by adding hair rings and gold beads.


There are undoubtedly many more beauty influencers to follow and be inspired by on social media. Braided hairstyles are some of the most versatile hairstyles available, and we enjoy learning how to keep our curls healthy and strong while wearing protective styles.


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