Having more followers on Instagram by yourself

Having more followers on Instagram by yourself

Let me get you excited by saying you can be an Instagram Influencer even with 1,000 followers! Did I miss a zero? Well no!

48% of marketers believe that the “relationship with the public” is the most critical factor in determining the success of an Influencer.

One of the greatest wishes of the new digital users is to become famous and live the life of the Influencers made up of beaches, paid dinners, and invitations in every area of ​​the city. But to become one, you need a fanbase of active followers who comment, like, and stalk stories at any time of the day. How to increase followers on Instagram?

The first impression is essential.

The profile photo, the bio text, and the link are vital. When exchanging business cards, you must immediately clarify “who you want to be”. Let’s explain: are you focusing on the travel sector? Introduce yourself as such, do not mix content from Fashion Blogger or market taro. Decide who you want to be on Instagram and if you want to be everything. Invent an attractive copy to tell it with.

Build relationships with other pages.

There are not many tricks; to get people on your profile and increase followers on Instagram, you have to take advantage of the visibility of pages that are more followed than you.

Contact pages with topics close and similar to yours to ask them for an interview, share the content in their stories and answer their questions. Prepare an Excel where you can enter who to contact, study their profile and understand how to interact with them.

This way, you will have an excuse to end up in their stories with a tag on your page. Create lasting relationships with other creators, and you will be rewarded.

Share your accounts and posts with everyone.

Then don’t forget to link them and share the photos in both profiles, so you can let all your Facebook friends know that you are on Instagram too, who will receive a notification as soon as you have made the connection.

Use Lightroom or another photo editor.

The difference between one photo and another is not determined by its content. There are studies on how colours affect psychology, and even for the Instagram Feed; the reasoning does not change. Download Lightroom or any other photo post-production editor to boost brightness and use low saturation.

Please don’t use the most popular tags; leave them to newbies

The choice of hashtags in the caption is crucial to reaching new people outside your followers. If you only use the most popular ones, you will compete with almost all Instagram users, who are an impressive 894,900,000.

Remember always to use local hashtags and events you attend and take inspiration from other users with a little more followers than you.

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