Investing in Dedicated Server in UAE for your Website

Dedicated servers have their own importance in hosting websites for many businesses in UAE. It offers premium features like security and customization options to the owner of the website. If you are about to launch your website and don’t know which server is best for it, then a dedicated server will be the ideal choice in UAE.

There are so many options available on the market. The two most used hosting options are shared and dedicated, and that really depends on your company’s needs and the requirements that you are managing. You have to think twice before hosting your website. Dedicated servers in UAE have their own benefits and shared hosting has its own. 

What are Dedicated servers in UAE?

Dedicated server hosting in UAE is a type of managed server in which you have full control over your server; no other website can use your server for their data. You have a separate server where you can save your data and folders. Even your user’s data is safe with a dedicated server in UAE. 

In shared hosting, all websites share the same server space, where malicious activity can happen easily. But not on a dedicated server; you are the first and last owner of your server. You can customize the software you install and configure according to your choice. Yes, the price may vary with shared hosting, A dedicated server is expensive, but the benefits it gives are worth paying for.   

Dedicated Server in UAE

What benefits will it provide to a company’s website?

If you opt for dedicated servers in UAE, then there are multiple benefits you will get, like; –


You may not know how your business will grow in the future, but with a dedicated server, you can have the flexibility to customize it as per your requirements. Unlike shared hosting, you are limited in terms of RAM, applications, CPU, operating system, etc. But not in a dedicated server; you can change the settings and upgrade your storage capacity if you have large data, If your website is experiencing large user traffic, then you can enhance the performance of your website. 


Many UAE businesses choose dedicated servers just for security purposes. A dedicated server offers a highly secured hosting option for the website because you are not sharing your physical space with any neighboring websites, which means cyber security is tight. 

In shared hosting, you don’t know who your neighbors are, and if their website contains some adult content, then their website traffic impacts your website. 

Control Access

As we discussed earlier, all control is in your hands, so you can upgrade and install any software according to your business needs. In shared hosting, you have so many limitations when using your server, but a dedicated server in UAE gives full freedom to the owner, who can manage and operate it. Full root access has been provided to the owner.

Reasons you might need Dedicated hosting for your website in UAE

There are reasons that make you understand that you need a dedicated server in UAE to enhance your website’s appearance and attract more traffic. Some reasons are;-

Website having high-traffic 

If your site is particularly busy and getting traffic, then the shared server will be lacking at some point in time. You need to host a UAE dedicated server so that the server can handle loads of multiple users engaging on your website at the same time. 

Dealing with Secure Information 

If you have an E-commerce website, it is essential to be protected from fraud. Users will save their personal details on it and it can be harmful to them too. it is your responsibility to protect their data, like debit and credit card details; otherwise, you will lose all your customers and reputation in the industry. 

Will Serverwala be a good to choose in UAE to Buy a Dedicated Server?

If you are starting your website and facing some problems with your current hosting, then you can switch to a dedicated server to take advantage of everything in the UAE. And you need the best web hosting provider that can provide you with an affordable price. Pick Serverwala, which is the best Datacenter Service Provider that can guarantee you high performance, a unique IP address, 99.90% uptime, 24/7 chat support, and a website-building tool. They have 40+ locations in the world, so you can avail of their service wherever you want. How to get more followers on threads, read this blog to know more. 

All we can say is…

A dedicated server in UAE is the most commonly used server that can uphold your business in every possible way. Every good website needs a dedicated server to run smoothly and provide better ways to improve the brand of your website. It is the premium server in this era to host your website and give security to your website and to your users.


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