Find Professional Advice Before Giving CBD to Your Dog?

CBD is one of the many active compounds in the hemp plant and is famous for its therapeutic properties. Pet parents increasingly use CBD to soothe their pet’s anxiety, stress, and pain symptoms.

If you are considering a natural and safe alternative for your pet, you may have come across CBD as a solution. However, with so much information, choosing the right CBD product may get overwhelming sometimes. Therefore, consulting a vet CBD for dogs would be the way to go if you are confused or have particular concerns about this supplement. Can you give CBD to Dogs?

The primary concern on every pet parent’s mind is whether CBD is safe for pets. While research is low and limited, some studies show positive results in pets.

For example, a study found that healthy dogs and cats can safely consume CBD without adverse effects. It was also found that dogs could absorb the compound better than cats.

The quality of CBD products you buy also makes a difference. Since the hemp roots are highly absorbent, there are regulations to ensure that the hemp is organically grown and is of the purest quality in the US.

If any pesticides or herbicides are used in the plantation and growing process, traces of these chemicals will appear in the final product. Thus, it is essential to buy products that have been extracted from organically grown hemp.

Consult with an Online Vet Before Administering CBD to Dogs

 Depending on your location, the vet may or may not be able to discuss CBD use for dogs freely. The bills in work allow them to discuss the possibility of including CBD in your pet’s diet. Since there are no concrete laws around the issue in the country, your local vet may hesitate to discuss CBD.

However, this does not mean you dive headfirst into CBD or ignore the supplement. You can get professional advice from experienced vets online.

Consider the below factors when choosing a vet to discuss your pet’s health.

 Look at the Vet’s Credentials

 Always begin by verifying the credentials of your vet before entrusting your pet’s health to their hands. Know their educational qualifications, where they have been practising, and their years of animal treatment experience. Also, see what societies or organizations they are members of and if they have proper knowledge of CBD.

 Opt for a One-On-One Consultation

 When you want a professional opinion from the vet on CBD for dogs, choosing a one-on-one consulting session would be best. This is because your dog’s concerns and health requirements might differ from other dogs. Secondly, instead of a one size fits all approach, it is better to go with a CBD product that can alleviate a specific condition they are facing.

Services Offered

If you choose to consult the vet, what services do they agree to provide? For example, a personalized health plan should be on your list. Likewise, a vet should help you with types of CBD products, dosage recommendations, and different techniques to administer CBD effectively.

Moreover, any discounts on products suggested during consultation would be a bonus.

Questions to Ask a Vet Before Giving CBD to Dogs

Once you have found an educated and experienced vet online, you can ask:

  • What conditions can CBD help alleviate in dogs?
  • What type of CBD product would best suit your dog?
  • What is the correct dosage to be administered?
  • What are the different ways to include CBD in your dog’s routine?
  • Should you give the dose all at once or break it down into multiple quantities and give it throughout the day?

CBD could help dogs with anxiety, calm them, and help manage pain. However, if your dog suffers from arthritis, it would be best to ask the vet about it. Various kinds of CBD oil for dogs are available today that cater to different concerns. Therefore, it would be best to get professional advice on it.

CBD is a natural, plant-based, and safe supplement that could be given to dogs. If you have concerns about CBD, consult a vet on CBD for dogs to understand better how the compound improves your dog’s quality of life.

Do some research of your own when buying CBD oil. And ensure that the CBD product has been organically grown.

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