Xbox Game Pass Library

Use Your iOS Device to Access the Xbox Game Pass Library

Xbox Game Pass Library: It may seem challenging to get your hands on the latest gaming systems (though we have some suggestions).

There are many methods to purchase titles from previous generations without spending hundreds of dollars.

Xbox Game Pass Library

For example, Xbox features a cloud gaming service that allows players to carry their Xbox Game Pass collection with them. So even if you don’t own an Xbox, Game Pass lets you play old and new games instantly on your PC (or other compatible devices).

Here’s all you need to know about Xbox Live and how to use it on iOS.

How to Set Up Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS Devices?

Microsoft has been working on cloud gaming for years. However, Android users can download and connect to Xbox’s cloud gaming services.  Apple has (sadly) rebuffed Microsoft’s offer to create an iOS app. Thankfully, you can still use your iOS device’s browser to access Xbox’s cloud gaming services.

To begin, you’ll need an Xbox account and an Xbox Game Pass membership to access cloud streaming.

It’s also best to have an iOS controller. All current Xbox Wireless Controllers (Model 1708, Elite Series 2, Adaptive, S, & X), PlayStation DualShock 4 and PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controllers are compatible with iOS devices. You may also buy iOS controllers online.

Then go to in Safari (and then save a shortcut to the website as an icon on your home page). Next, sign in to your Xbox account and Xbox Game Pass on your iOS device to start playing games.

Why is Xbox Cloud Gaming Not Working?

Your iOS device may be too old for Xbox’s cloud gaming. Unlike most Apple devices, Xbox cloud gaming only works with the iPhone XR and newer, iPad Air third generation and is more unique. In addition iPad Pro second generation, iPad mini fifth generation, and iPad eight generation.

Not all older devices can use Xbox Game Pass Library services.

If your gadget is working correctly, check your internet connection. Because these games are played in a browser, you’ll need a fast internet connection (5Ghz or better). In addition, you should check online to see if others are having the same troubles as you.

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