glamour prism

A glamor prism projects the image of one article onto another. Make sure you have enough prisms of glamour before you start.

Glamour Prisms are available from the market leader, Grand Company Quartermaster, vendors, quest rewards, or when made by artisans who have learned the artisan recipe.

Can obtain handmade recipes of the glamour prism from the governor in western than alan (X: 12.1 Y:15.0) or Tataroga in Mor Dhona (X: 22.1 Y:6.7) after completing the sidequest item type Other types of catalytic material rarity essential value 24 patch 4.2.

This crystalline prism captures the similarity of a device and projects it onto another object with a similar form and function.

Glamour Prism:

Final Fantasy XIV’s glamour system allows players to change the look of their team for almost what they want.

The possibilities are. Almost endless, because there are some reservations.

To begin with, you’ll need a few prisms of glamour. Don’t worry; they’re super easy to get.

Glamour prisms are just items you keep in your inventory. And you would use it if you changed the look of your team.

Glamorous prisms can be manufactured in a handcrafted class or purchased directly from the market.

Usually, they are also relatively cheap.

glamour prism

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For example, like a dragon, you could only glamour another dragon team.

But there is also a subset of unemployment teams that you can find glamour in any class.

These are usually lovely outfits, as Square-Enix wants people to wear them regardless of their work.

However, the glamour system allows you to increase your creativity and decorate your character with many different outfits. You can look cute, cool, sexy, and anything in between.

How do Glamour Prisms Work?

Glamour prisms project the image of one object onto another using the molten glamour action.

Glamour becomes posadas through actions and features, subcommands of an object, or from the glamorous dresser.

Once it’s a glamour cast. An icon indicates that glamour has been thrown at an object.

How do you Unlock Glamour?

Fortunately, unlocking the glamour system is not very difficult.

Square-Enix didn’t want you to be able to change your look behind something stupid, so it’s just a basic site search.

There are not enough prerequisites either! The only actual requirement is that you have to reach level 15.

However, a funny fact: It wasn’t always like that. At the time, glamorous objects were instead an endgame activity.

They needed a lot of catalytic elements for glamour correctly.

However, these days it has become more accessible. It is now more like a prominent feature, which is excellent since more players can use it.

If you already have level 15 and want to unlock the glamour system, go to Western Thanalan and find an NPC called Swyrgeim.

In case you can’t find them, here are some coordinates: X 12.7, Y 14.3. Once you find them, accept and complete the mission “If I had glamour”.

Think of this search as an introduction to the glamour system.

It shows you all the details and even gives you some beginner glamour prisms! It is not necessary, but you can also perform a search called “Color Your World” here, which allows you to color items and change their colors, as well as another search “, Absolutely Glamorous”, that allows you to create prisms of glamour for yourself.

However, it can be helpful if you had a student hand in hand or country who has at least 15 levels. And now glamour prisms work for all teams; you don’t have to get different types.

Where can I find Prisms of Glamour?

glamour prism

In every inn in the main cities of Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, New Gridania, Ishgard, Kugane, and Crystarium you can find parking and glamorous armor.

You can also find them at the headquarters of your Grand Company.

The big company is a good place to get it. To put an item on the dresser costs a glamorous prism.

There are some reservations about the system.

It would help if you had a glamour prism for every item you’re planning glamour. And the item you want to change must be the same (or higher) as the item you want to look like your team.

It means you can’t take a level 1 team and make it look like a level 80 team.

It is no big deal, and you should never encounter a situation where it hinders you.

You’ll almost always want to equip your team stronger and then glorify it to turn it into something calmer or nicer.

Square-Enix knew what they were doing because most of the team players want to use for glamour is usually Level 1.

I should probably also mention that glamour is specific to work.

Much of these Level 1 courses I mentioned are irrelevant, as they can be equipped with any job. It is good news.

But if the team you like is a white magician’s coat, for example, you’re not lucky.

You can glam a piece of white magician’s deck over another piece of white magician’s gear. But you can’t find glamorous a piece of ninja equipment in a white magician piece.

Change Glamorous Gear Already:

If you’re trying to glamour a team, make sure it’s not glamorous to look like something else.

It is essential because it will not work if you try it while the item is already glamorous.

First, you have to remove the glamour. What is peasy:

You can also dispel glamour from the same menu where you occupied your glamour.

As a result, the article looks like itself again.

After all, if you want to color a glamorous team, that’s some process.

When you occupy your glamour, the item changes to the look of the item as you want it to look.

If you dye this item later, it will not affect glamour.

You have to scatter the glamour, dye the equipment and then go back to glamour. It’s not a big deal, but it’s good to know.

Wow! Can I have infinite costumes?

Now slow down, Warrior of light.

There is no limit to how many outfits you can have glamour, but the storage space limits you.

Final Fantasy XIV is not precisely known for having many inventory slots. You can use your brackets and even buy more at the mog station, but you may still be running out of stock.

However, you’re not very lucky.

Square-Enix listened to his prayers and answered them in the form of a Glamour Chest.

The Glamour Chest allows you to store 400 pieces of equipment, which will be a godsend for outfit enthusiasts.

What are glamour Plates?

You can also apply glamour to glamorous plates and reuse them.

This process is a little confusing, but I’ll break it down into its simplest form:

you can store appearances on things called glamour plates, and this will consume a glamorous prism. After that, you can set it up from Glamour Dresser to a specific outfit or gear.

He won’t even use a glamorous prism because you used one when you ride the plate.

And you can store up to 15 of these plates at the same time.

There’s even a way you can make sure your glamour stays the same when you go up and change your glamorous look even if your outfit changes.

It is super sophisticated for those who hate having outfits that don’t match.

Can you do glamorous prisms?

The manufacture of glamorous prisms had previously been unlocked at level 50. But you can now unlock the manufacture of prisms at level 15, and in practice, you can create glamorous crystals with two professions at level 20, and at least one level 40 DPS job is required to manage wind and ice crystals.

Recipes for making glamour prisms, prism can be obtained from a governor in western than alan (X: 12.1 Y:15.0) or Tataroga in Mor Dhona (X:22.1 Y:6.7) at the end of the Absolutely glamorous sidequest.

A glamorous prism projects the image of one object onto another.

What is Glamour Dresser?

glamour prism

The glamour dresser turns items into glamour that can then be applied to your team.

A glamour prism is required for every item of glamour dresser.

These items can be combined with other items and stored in glamorous plates, allowing you to apply whole outfits like glamour at the same time.

Accessing the Glamour Dresser:

You can find comfortable glamour in inns in places like Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul’dah.

You need to have unlocked the “Cast Glamour” action to access the glamour dresser.

Are prisms of glamour hard to get?

Sure, you can do these prisms of glamour yourself, but like any other profession, every other artisanal element takes time…

It’s easy to make a small amount of Gil to play the fashion game, and we think it’s much faster to buy 99 of these glamour prisms than to make 99 of them.

Are the prisms of glamour rare?

It’s rare, but you can get prisms of glamour when you disinterest the fish dressed as a queen.

You’ll have to unlock Desynthesis, of course, but you don’t need a high-level culinary man.

Obviously, this is not a reliable way to keep them consistently, but if you’re trying to strengthen your culinary synthesis, keep in mind that this is a level 409 fish so you can use it during almost the entire leveling process while you can store glamour prisms at the same time.

Are glamour prisms reusable?

Glamour plates can be applied free of charge at any time as long as you can wear the piece you want to get the look from and you are in a big city.


For the average player, there are two efficient ways to get prisms of glamour. The first is to buy them on Gil’s market table, which is what the game throws you because they do almost all the small activities.

The second is to buy them from your Grand Company for Company Seals, which can be easily accumulated by looting dungeons and raids, especially high-level ones such as expert roulette.

Low-level players can limit themselves to using the market until they can move to their big company, while high-level players have some additional sources depending on their activity in the game.

Please note that wolf marks and two-color gems can convert easily into glamorous prisms to avoid overlapping, but are usually a better store for the most expensive cosmetic offers from their respective suppliers.

I hope this has clarified all the questions about where to look for prisms of glamour, and that you can maintain a healthy supply so you can enjoy your heart.

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