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What is Certified Mail? 3 Things You Should Know

You may think that the mail industry has died with the rise of technology or email, but did you know that the United States Postal Service processes and delivers 167.3 million pieces of first-class mail daily? Naturally, things can get lost in translation, so you might want to track your items.

Most people don’t know what certified mail is, but you have probably received it in the past. USPS-certified mail is a service that provides official verification and proof of mailing and delivery. This plays a huge role in businesses and legal services because confirmations help keep people accountable and are considered evidence in court proceedings.

If you ask yourself, “What is certified mail” keep reading for three things you should know.

  1. Certified Mail Restricted Delivery

Something you should know about these services is that you can direct delivery to someone specific, like the addressee, who will need to be an authorized agent. This will help guarantee that your mail is going to exactly who you intend it to be. This is great for sensitive information or confidential correspondence.

Customers can also use options that include an adult signature for delivery. This is helpful if you have dangerous items or those that shouldn’t be around children.

  1. How To Send

If you go to your local post office, you can find the specific form you need for a certified mail envelope. You must write all the information on the state and place the sticker in your mail. Once you pay for the service, you must decide if you are adding extra services for delivery.

Make sure to keep your receipt for documentation. You can use your tracking number to see when and where it was delivered.

  1. Certified Mail Cost

Postage costs more, but certified mail costs around $3.75 per shipment. If you want any added services like return receipts or specific delivery, it will be an additional charge. Certifiedmaillabels.com can help give you deals because you can print your labels at home.

Why Use Certified Mail?

You need to take some added fees and steps with certified mail, but there are still significant advantages that come with it. With these services, you can reduce the possibility of package theft. You can also track your mail with tracking numbers to see where it is so you can schedule a time to be home.

Another reason to use this is that the proof of shipment can give you peace of mind. You will be more likely able to confirm delivery or handle a dispute with this record-keeping.

What Is Certified Mail? Send Yours Today

After reading this article, you should be able to answer the question, “What is certified mail”. You should use these services today to ensure your mail is safe and trackable.

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