What Happened With Esports FaZe Save Kidshaywarddecrypt?

What Happened With Esports FaZe Save Kidshaywarddecrypt?

The esports industry has gained immense popularity and profitability, drawing millions of fans and investors worldwide. Unfortunately, the industry has been overshadowed by recent events, particularly the FaZe Clan, one of its top organizations. It has come to light that the group has been associated with a cryptocurrency named Save The Kids, which has been under scrutiny for allegedly operating as a pump-and-dump scheme. Here we provide all the information regarding the controversy and its effects on the esports community.

The Promising Start of Faze Save the Kids Crypto Charity

At the start of the year, members of the FaZe clan, Kay (Frazier Khattri), Jarvis (Jarvis Khattri), Nikan (Nikan Nadim), and Teeqo, launched a cryptocurrency known as Save The Kids. This particular coin aimed to offer an alternative to well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, it committed to donating a percentage of its earnings to charitable causes. The project appeared to hold great potential, garnering great interest from fans and investors.

However, soon rumours began to arouse that Save The Kids was a pump-and-dump scheme. There were accusations that the FaZe Clan members had artificially increased the coin’s value and later sold it, resulting in investors having worthless investments.

The Backlash Against Esports FaZe Save Kidshaywarddecrypt

There was a significant backlash from fans and investors due to the controversy surrounding Save The Kids. Recently, the FaZe Clan organization took action by suspending three of its members, namely Nikan, Jarvis, and Teeqo. Additionally, they also decided to remove Kay, who was one of the leading members and a founder of the group. The organization released a statement refuting any participation in the scheme, but unfortunately, its reputation had already been tarnished.

Why Was FaZe Kay Kicked From FaZe?

The unexpected removal of Kay from FaZe Clan came as a shock to many fans and investors. Kay was a leading member of the organisation and had been working for a long time. However, the FaZe Clan has taken action against members involved in the Save The Kids controversy, resulting in suspensions for Kay and others. The current state of affairs has sparked worries about the esports industry’s transparency and responsibility as a whole. With the increasing popularity and investment in esports, it becomes crucial to maintain high ethical standards for organizations like the FaZe Clan. The repercussions of this event will probably have enduring effects, but it presents a chance for the industry to gain knowledge and progress by learning from its errors.

The Fallout From Kidshaywarddecrypt

The repercussions of the Save The Kids controversy (kidshaywarddecrypt), may have long-term effects on both the FaZe Clan and the esports industry in general. The organisation’s reputation has been negatively impacted, which could lead to potential sponsors being hesitant to collaborate with them in the future.

Moreover, the dispute can potentially damage the esports industry’s overall image.

Moving Forward

For esports organizations, it is crucial to prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical practices. This is necessary to safeguard the interests of their fans and investors, as well as to maintain their own reputation. It is important that other organizations follow the example set by FaZe Clan and advise their members to avoid investing in ICOs and similar projects.

Regarding the Save The Kids controversy, the FaZe Clan is currently investigating the issue and implementing measures to avoid any similar incidents from occurring in the future. Regaining the trust of their fans and investors will require significant effort from the organization and the esports industry, as the damage has already been done.


The recent controversy surrounding Save The Kids has brought to light the necessity for increased transparency and accountability within the esports industry. It is imperative that organizations such as the FaZe Clan uphold high ethical standards to maintain the trust of investors and fans. This incident will probably have long-term effects, but it can also serve as a chance for the industry to gain valuable insights from their errors and develop.

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