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TorrentKing Proxy: Unblocke Mirror Sites Updated [July-2023]

This article describes how to use TorrentKing Proxy. After mainly shutting down the global torrent sites. A new wave of torrent mirror sites sprung up. This blog post is solely for that purpose so that you can browse your favorite torrent site without VPN concerns.

The escalating crackdown on torrent sites supplying movies, TV episodes, and software is anti-internet. Torrent sites, which offer free copyrighted content, are on edge. ISPs are unaware of sites like TorrentKing. So TorrentKing Proxy and mirror sites save the day.

TorrentKing is a large collection of certified torrents for new movies and TV series. Unfortunately, it is impossible to access in numerous countries, including India and Australia. TorrentKing mirror sites are the only option to unblock it.

What is TorrentKing Proxy?

TorrentKing is a great torrent search engine. You can find new files and videos on the site via DHT. This wonderful service has over 500k movie downloads and 70k movie streaming online.
It provides premium movies and TV shows for free. You can even get this media in HD. However, users have recently been unable to access this torrent site due to Internet limitations. If you are a frequent visitor to this site. TorrentKing Mirror sites or their substitutes can help you unblock it.

TorrentKing Unblock Mirror

Are you tired of Tor and VPNs? It includes 1337x, KickassTorrent, ExtraTorrent, RARBG, and TorrentKing. Here is the best proxy mirror link approach. First, choose your proxy website link.

TorrentKing is blocked in your country or ISP. There are ways around be blocked in your country. These proxies are unblocked. TorrentKing proxies still work! Here we describe some sites.

How to Unblock TorrentKing?

There are several ways to unblock TorrentKing. If your ISP has blocked it. Among them, these are the best.

Using Tor Browser

TOR is a private network of connected computers. That allows you to browse the internet anonymously. Easily unblock geo-restricted websites with this browser. For example, enter the URL in the browser address bar to unblock TorrentKing.

Using Web Proxy

A third web Proxy site allows you to view any banned site anonymously. Beware of dangerous programs that can harm your machine. Using a Web Proxy hides your details from others. Like VPN services. There are free and commercial web proxy sites.

Using VPN Unblock

VPN is the safest and most recommended way to access torrent sites. Unblocking sites with a VPN also provides extra security while browsing them.
Many VPN providers exist online. But not all are good. So pick one that meets your needs. Free VPNs are available. However, they have limited server locations and capacity. Choose a VPN service provider and download the software. That’s because most prohibited sites are loaded from an IP address in the USA.

TorrentKing  Proxy Alternatives

To put it simply, the mirror sites are clones of the original sites. That house the whole index and the library and database on distinct domains from the original sites. In such a case, here are a few mirror sites and alternatives to TorrentKing that are freely available to the public.

TorrentKing Proxy


1: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an excellent alternative to TorrentKing. You can find entertainment, games, software, apps, and other digital stuff here. The BitTorrent protocol can also be used for file-sharing. The site, which launched in 2003, is still going strong. However, it may be prohibited in specific regions. Like as with other platforms.

2: IsoHunt

Even though it gets little attention. IsoHunt is a BitTorrent-approved peer-to-peer torrent service. It’s an online database of tens of thousands of torrent files in the music, video, and movie. In addition to book, software, program, app, and many other categories.

3: TorrentRover

TorrentRover is a free and open-source tool for searching and downloading torrents. Simple, rapid, and Windows desktop application downloads are supported. You may find media files quickly and easily because of the site’s user-friendly layout.


Yet another well-known torrent mirror site., is a massive torrent download and upload provider. It focuses on downloading torrents and Meta links that the user can download. You can use a torrent client or a download manager to accomplish this on your terms. If your country blocks it. Then you can access the site’s content in 40 different languages using the Kickass mirror lists.

Final Words!

There you have it: some of the most popular alternatives to torrentking. As the government is restricting more and more torrents. To finding a proxy service to watch movies, TV episodes, and other media is becoming increasingly important. To continue viewing and downloading from these sites. Please go here.

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