Top 5 Benefits of Dedicated Servers in Malaysia


Do you know what a dedicated servers in Malaysia is and how it can benefit an organization’s success in Malaysia? Nowadays, companies switch their websites to dedicated servers to enhance their performance and efficiency. It gives multiple different features that shared hosting doesn’t provide. If a company is growing, then growing your resources is essential to upgrading after a certain point. After choosing dedicated server hosting in Malaysia, you are now more stable and have the potential to attract more consumers and reach higher on the SERP. 

How can you Understand Dedicated Servers in Malaysia?

Is your website working slower than you expected? 

Is your user experiencing a delay in page speed?

Then you definitely need to host your website on a dedicated server in Malaysia.

As a start-up company, most of the company uses shared hosting at a lower cost, but they are not the only ones who are using this; there are so many websites that are sharing the same server. This can lead to a slower speed of the website that can be experienced by the user and a higher bounce rate, which is not good for websites in Malaysia. Shared hosting is only ideal for small websites; if you want to scale your business, switching to a dedicated server in Malaysia is necessary. 

Top 5 benefits of Dedicated Servers in Malaysia

On a dedicated hosting in Malaysia, your server is managed and controlled by you alone; no other server can hack your data. You can customize things like storage capacity, bandwidth length, CPU performance, and everything else that can benefit your website. According to modern technology, advancing your website for your users so that they can experience a high-quality experience while scrolling on your website. To know the 5 mistakes when choosing Romania best VPS Hosting, then read this blog. 

How can Dedicated Hosting in Malaysia Benefit you?

Users are the key success factor for your website. Websites with large user traffic do need dedicated servers in Malaysia if they are lacking in speed. You can customize your server as per your business requirements. Every business needs security to protect its users when doing transactions on a website.

It Provides Better Performance 

When your server is dedicated to you only, it is obvious that the performance must be on top and faster. Cloud servers are only designed to offer you more storage and resources, which are virtual, instead of efficient work like dedicated hosting in Malaysia. If you are looking for a high-performing hosting solution, then a dedicated server should be the best option in Malaysia. 

Let’s dig into “virtual cores.” If you buy 8-core VMs on a cloud server, then what you are actually getting is 4 physical cores and 4 virtual cores, which is not exactly the same as getting 8-core CPUs on a dedicated server in Malaysia. Most hosting providers offer CPU resources as “v core”, and this is the smarter way of selling half of what you paid for. An 8-core CPU on a dedicated server Malaysia gives the full, powerful performance of 8 physical cores and an additional 8 virtual cores that are comparatively double what you are getting with 8 VM cores. 

High-Level Security 

Which is the most secure hosting option? The answer is the Malaysia Dedicated Server, and in this matter, no other server can beat it. As we discussed earlier, it is only used by one website, so the chances of transmitting data are relatively lower than on a shared server. There are multiple users who are visiting your website, and if you have an E-commerce website, then daily transactions are made by customers, so their data is unsafe if you have shared hosting. 

But on Malaysian dedicated servers, you have full security over the data collected by a server from your customers, like details of debit cards and banking, which cannot be misused by anyone. 

Faster Customization and Scalability 

A dedicated server in Malaysia can be easily configured to include the right mixture of storage and processing power to meet your regular needs. It can be customized in a thousand different ways to ensure the exact hardware you need to control and manage your server. Sometimes your technical needs change, and dedicated server hosting in Malaysia gives you the facility to customize it, which can benefit your business in the future. 

Upgrading your CPU with more cores, RAM storage, or enhanced hard drives requires little downtime. So this is one of the best options available.

24*7 Support Available in Dedicated Servers in Malaysia

When you configure your website for a Malaysian dedicated server, choosing Serverwala will be helpful to provide you with 24-hour support that can be available on WhatsApp, by phone, or by raising a ticket from our website in Malaysia City and anywhere in the world. Because that is necessary at any point in time if you are facing any issues.


A dedicated server is absolutely worth the money on a long-term basis. Cloud and shared servers are relatively cheaper, but they do not provide the additional benefit that dedicated servers in Malaysia offers. It offers much more in terms of resources and the number of customers your website can handle at any given time. 

Your hosting provider will manage and control your hardware themselves. If you are renting your server, they can be helpful in that as well and provide you with full guidance.

How can Serverwala Benefit Your Website in Malaysia?

We are all looking for a trustworthy Web hosting company that can provide us with the best possible setup of resources on a dedicated server in Malaysia that can add value to our website. And for this, Serverwala will be the best pick among all the other hosting providers. Serverwala is a top data center solution provider in the world. They can understand your business needs and recommend the most appropriate resources that you can add to your dedicated server in Malaysia. Their team of professionals is available 24 hours a day to uplift their client’s business websites. 

Wrap Up!

Every business needs an upgrade to uplift its business website after a certain level. Gaining more users on a website is the core ambition of every business owner. And that can be done on a Malaysian dedicated server. So always choose the best web hosting company that can offer you the exclusive features that are needed for success in Malaysia. 

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