Oreo Cakesters

Oreo Cakesters Will Be Back in 2023 After a 10-Year Hiatus

The new Oreo Cakesters will be soft snack cakes with creamy crème fillings, just like the previous Cakesters. This, in my opinion, is not the case now.

My favourite cookies are Oreos. A timeless masterpiece that keeps on giving and giving and giving and giving.

We never know what Milk’s favourite cookie will be, whether it’s the seasonal Apple Cider Donut Oreos or the exquisite Tiramisu Oreos.


Even if the new Oreo flavours are delicious, the old-fashioned lunchbox cookies are hard to replace. We’re ecstatic that Nabisco is bringing back Oreo Cakesters! The Cakesters will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut theatrical performance in 2007.

What have the Oreo Cakesters been up to these past few months?

Oreo Cakesters was first launched in 2007 and instantly gained popularity. Cakesters were chocolate snack cakes with a vanilla cream filling that tasted and looked like whoopie pies. Cakesters tasted and looked like whoopie pies. Consumers were displeased when it was pulled from the market in 2012.

One theory claims the original Cakesters recipe was a flop, explaining why the company halted production. Because of the immense public demand, Nabisco has decided to revive the Oreo Cakesters. We are overwhelmed with appreciation and unable to express our feelings to you and your colleagues adequately.

According to current estimates, Oreo Cakesters will be accessible

Oreo Cakesters are the best thing that ever happened to us, and anyone who hasn’t tried one is envious of those who have. Cakesters are snack-sized cakes with a delicious filling sandwiched between two soft, snack-sized cakes that appear like a cake sandwich. A cake-shaped cookie is one of the most delicious baked products imaginable.

Product details

Traditionally, cookies and cream combine. The classic cookie and cream combo is A lovely soft-baked version of a renowned cookie and cream dessert. They are an excellent soft-baked form of a famous sweet treat made from cookies and cream OREO Cakes. These OREO snack cakes are made with a cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate cakes and topped with crushed OREO cookies. Cakesters are soft snack cakes for both kids and adults.

As party favours, office gifts, or after-school treats, they come in various flavours. Cakesters are a pair of soft snack cakes available in a range of tastes for both children and adults. Preparing this type of snack will be helpful when you need something quick and straightforward to chew on the go. OREO Cakesters, an improved version of the traditional OREO chocolate sandwich cookie, are now available in the US.

  • Oreo Cakesters Soft Snack Cakes are also available in a two-piece 2.02-ounce snack pack.
  • A cake layer with OREO Cakesters crème filling is baked between two soft-baked chocolate cakes.
  • If you’re from the US, you’re familiar with Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies.
  • You may enjoy these healthy snack cakes whenever you like, at home, at work, or on the road.
  • Cakesters snack cakes are very convenient because each package contains two mini cakes.

Where Can I Buy Oreo Cakesters?

No matter how long you must wait (until 2022), the Nutter Butter Cakesters and Oreo Cakesters will not disappoint. You can probably get them if they are available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Follow Oreo on Instagram for updates and a chance to win free samples before the cookies are officially released. Of course, you may bake your own chocolate whoopie pies from scratch. Remember to stock up on Oreos that will be available in 2022.


  • This carton contains two OREO Cakesters snack packets, each weighing 2.02 ounces.
  • Two soft-baked cakes are filled with OREO Cakesters crème and cooked in pairs until golden brown.
  • The re-imagined OREO chocolate sandwich cookies are now available for purchase!
  • Delicious cakes that the whole family may enjoy or even take with them.
  • Each Cakester package comprises two Cakesters, making them great for family and friend gatherings.

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