New Mom, Dipika Kakar Talks About New Routine With Son, Ruhaan, Gives A Tour Of His Little Wardrobe

New Mom, Dipika Kakar Talks About New Routine With Son, Ruhaan, Gives A Tour Of His Little Wardrobe

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are beaming with joy as they became parents to their little prince. For the unversed, Dipika gave birth to her first child, Ruhaan, on June 21, 2023, after five years of marital bliss. Since then, the new mom and papa have been providing us with cutesy glimpses of their parenting journey. And yet the same happened again when the actress finally returned to her daily vlogs and dropped a video, wherein she talked about her new routine with her little one.

Dipika Kakar talked about her daily routine with her little prince, Ruhaan

Taking to her YouTube channel, Dipika Kakar dropped a video, wherein the new mommy shared that she has been busy with Ruhaan. The actress shared how she has been taking care of her son by feeding him, giving him baths, providing him with proper massages and more. Dipika mentioned that she has been enjoying it. Calling it fun, Dipika shared that she barely gets time for herself. She mentioned that she cannot catch up with her chores for the last few days.


Dipika Kakar on how she is catching up with her sleep schedule

In the same video, the new mommy, Dipika Kakar talked about how she has been managing her sleeping schedule. The actress shared that she tries to take a nap whenever Ruhaan sleeps. And then, when he wakes up, she wakes up with Ruhaan to feed him.


Dipika Kakar appreciates her mom and mother-in-law for helping her to take care of Ruhaan

In the same video, the new mom shared how her mother-in-law and mother have been helping her with taking care of Ruhaan. The actress mentioned that her mom and ammi try to be there with Ruhaan as much as possible so that Dipika can take a moment to rest too. In the video, we can also see a glimpse of Ruhaan’s new stuff. Dipika also showed her fans a cute cot which Ruhaan received as a gift from his papa‘s friend. Dipika also gave us a tour of Ruhaan’s wardrobe and his cutesy onesies, stroller, and playing chair.





Dipika Kakar has a recommendation for all the new moms out there

Further in the video, new mommy, Dipika Kakar, gave us a glimpse of a ‘magic pillow’ gifted to her by her friend, Aashu. Dipika shared that this purchase has been extremely helpful in feeding Ruhaan. She recommended this pillow to all new moms, as it is extremely beneficial for giving support while breastfeeding newborn kids. Talking about the benefits of the pillow, Dipika shared:


“At times, the baby would take longer during feeding which could cause severe backaches for the mother, this pillow helps me sit against the wall and take back support so that I don’t suffer from backaches.”


Watch the video here.

When Ruhaan got a cute surprise gift from his bua, Saba

On July 21, 2023, the new papa, Shoaib Ibrahim, dropped a YouTube video, wherein he provided us with glimpses of Ruhaan’s one-month birthday celebrations. We could see how Dipika and Shoaib and their family gathered and cut a cutesy cake. The cake was in powder blue colour and was in 1 shape. There’s no denying the fact that new parents are leaving no stone unturned to live every bit of their parenting journey.



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