the Misadventures Of Skooks

The misadventures of Skooks is a series of YouTube Poops (YTP) remix films based on original Scooby-Doo footage. The series received considerable acclaim from the YTP community when it premiered in 2011 for its high-quality production and comic values, as well as its plethora of quotable soundbites. The series resurfaced in popularity on 4chan’s /co/ and /v/ boards in the fall of 2014, albeit its high-volume flood onto the latter site has prompted many users to dismiss it as shitposting.


Orpheusftw, a YouTuber, released a video titled “YTPeen: The Misadventures of Skooks – Part 1/5” on July 27th, 2011 “Scooby-Doo material was used as a sample. The video has received over 420,000 views as of October 2014.


The second video in the series was released on August 15, 2011, and as of October 2014, it had received over 340,000 views. The third video was uploaded on December 7th, 2011, and has received over 440,000 views as of October 2014. The fifth and final video was released on July 19, 2013, and has received over 300,000 views as of October 2014.

First Part of misadventures of skooks:

Fred’s strategy:

  • Fred: This tiny transmitter will be implanted in Velma’s cock.
  • Velma: Jinkies,
  • (Skooks chuckles)
  • We’ll give the dog the dick. Fred:
  • Ruh-uh, Skooks!
  • Daphne will then seize the dog’s balls. Fred:
  • Skooks: Oh, yes,
  • Fred: Have you seen this photo of Hank? This will be quite beneficial!
  • HANK!? say, Daphne and Velma.
  • Shaggy: I’ve figured out who’s sucking on the DiC!
  • Fred: All right, let’s go.

First Part:

The saga’s first joke: Bishounen Fred and Shaggy are a couple.

  • “Someone is a weeaboo!”
  • o After then, there’s a little parody of “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” which is interrupted by the final notes of the King of the Hill intro.
  • Skooks’ defining moment as a character: running with the Glowing Eyes of Doom and demonic barking
  • “Mashed DICKS in pillowy heaps!” Because the audio is from “Uncle Phil Yiffs in Heaven Again,” it also serves as a shout-out to Krobo Productions.

Second Part:

Hank: All right, let’s go. In the second part of misadventures of skooks:

  1. Shaggy: So, what’s the situation?
  2. Skooks: We’ve got a plan!
  3. The Church of Scientology has Tom Cruise.” Shaggy mulls it over to be more exact, Shaggy joins Tom Cruise in his Risky Business dance routine. The house is then invaded by Scientology, and Tom is blown up.
  4. Obama is enraged by the gang’s prejudice.
  5. Fred: Well, it says “White-” on the crate.
  6. Velma: I have a lot of power.
  7. Shaggy: I’ve heard of white people before, but never of black people!

This is the scene of misadventures:

Mr. Wickles: Many thanks for discovering the moon! But I’m sorry you did.

  • ‘Daphne,’ I say. Mr. Wickles, you’re a jerk.
  • Then Fred tries again to the door open.
  • Fred claims there’s no one aboard a ship, even though there’s a clear view of the captain giving the boat driver a blowjob while “In the Navy” is loudly playing.
  • Shaggy: I don’t like it! (As Shaggy and the Skooks giggle, Obama gets irritated.)
  • Velma: You nigger, that’s a made-up name.

Get Skooks down:

The gang tries to get Skooks down. Fred cries at him in vain, Shaggy tries to shoot him down, and the rope simply lowers itself as a T-Rex comes dangerously close to misadventures of skooks. After Princess Peach kisses Shaggy, the random Dance Party comes to an end. This occurred after witnessing Rarity rushing by strangely. Fred’s suggestion that they go to the malt shop and then devour the caveman.

Go to church and pray that God will fug you!”

The shaggy misadventures batman caveman scooby daphne sheriff doo item episodes remembered audio eyes watch lover king youtube gang glad dog wanna uploaded dance word gag Ryan videos poops friends joker moon starting hill eye robin game green dream fourth people penguin features sound real wickless lucky joke stinger dancing life intro yet wastes time finding cleaning stands links volume flash shaggy’s extra relationship wallpaper mobile scene parody.

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This is what it is:

Daphne: Wow, it’s a two-million-year-old ice cube. Velma:

  • Fred: I’m not sure where this fat came from.
  • Velma: I understand! It was mentioning in a two-million-year-old newspaper.
  • Fred: Bitch! (punches Velma)
  • Skooks, give me a handjob! Shaggy:
  • Skooks: Of course!
  • While Shaggy and Skooks are costum as fish, Fred outlines his next plan in misadventures of skooks:
  • All you and Skooks have to do now is track down Daphne and turn her on. Daphne will then shag the fish.
  • Shaggy: I’m a fish enthusiast, which is fortunate for you!
  • Shaggy spray-paints the back of Velma’s head while the group looks for a “big hefty stove.”
  • Fred and Shaggy decide to “nail the ladies to the ground.” Daphne brushes it off with ease.

Third Part:

  • In an attempt to open another “hidden bitch” door, Fred farts.
  • Daphne: It had to be our imagination, right? (smiles)
  • After insulting Skooks, the Penguin is decapitating in one punch. The Joker easily defeats him after that.
  • “Bat Milk?” you might wonder.
  • If you’re looking for an “Angela and Uncle Bob had a little fun because no one was paying attention.
  • Batman devouring a copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us for Xbox 360. To make matters worse, Skooks spits on it.


If you’re looking for a “What about Justin Bieber? I’d better go out and acquire something to defend myself with!” Fred and King Kai’s reactions to Shaggy’s wish for onion rings rather than resurrecting Fred.

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