Are you a meticulous planner? Someone who lists down whatever is missing in their wardrobe before making a purchase? And wondering about segueing your spring wardrobe into the summer now! If yes, this blog is going to be your jam!

Summer is our favorite time of the year. It brings on fun activities like sunbathing, rooftop bars, alfresco dining, and more to elevate the mood. And when it comes to getting dressed, again, summer gives you so much freedom and options. As we enter the warmer months, I would suggest exploring different sartorial options. I recently browsed Pakistani designer clothes and found some chic and breezy ethnic tops to pair with my favorite denim. Let’s give you some outfit inspo for transitioning from Spring to Summer.

Consider Investing in Denim Alternatives

As the degrees begin to rise, you will have to abandon your favorite jackets. You will have to dump your leather and bomber jackets because they are too warm for 60-65 degrees. However, you can reach for a nice denim jacket.

The best part? Denim jackets are so versatile that they go with literally anything. From dresses and skirts to maxis and tees, you can easily club a denim jacket with anything. You can also sport the denim-on-denim look. For the warmer months, go for a lighter wash.

Stop Buying Closed-Toed Shoes

Any outfit is incomplete without footwear. Yes, you need some closed-toed shoes for unpredictable weather. But if you are not much of a shoe person, then we would suggest not overspending on shows relevant to only one season.

Instead, go for the ones, which can be worn for most of the months of the year. Some instances are sneakers, sandals, loafers, and so on. These footwear choices will easily cater to your needs throughout the Spring and Summer.

Prefer Lighter Colors

In the colder months, we are more inclined to darker hues. Black, brown, navy and gray become the essential color palette for winter. Spring is the time to break free from dark colors. Liberate yourself and go for lighter and cool colors.

Cream, off-white, and beige are great picks for spring as well as summer. Go for pastel colors and brighter hues like shades of yellow and mint green. They will look amazing when the sun gets hotter.

Go for Fabric Choices like Silk, Cotton, and Linen

Whilst shopping for spring and summer, pay attention to the fabrics you are purchasing. Go for materials like cotton, unstitched linen, and silk whether you are buying tops, blouses, maxi dresses, or skirts.

You can still wear your favorite denim if you club it right with the tops and tees. But having these fabrics in your wardrobe for summer will increase your outfit options.

Get Your Hands on Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Trying to freshen up your summer capsule wardrobe? If yes, then maxi dresses and skirts are mandatory additions. Maxi and midi dresses are having a moment in fashion. You will have tons of options from solids to pleated and patterned dresses.

Choose the ones that go with your personal style. This summer, we are expecting to see pastels, florals, animal prints, and bright neon shades. So, break the monotony and perk up your closet with some unusual additions.

For those who live in jeans, go for a lighter wash or a white one instead of a darker one. You can conveniently club an off-shoulder gingham top or a top/blouse in animal or floral prints to sport a perfect summer look. To add oomph, add a straw hat!

Pay Attention to the Footwear

Sandals are the obvious choice when it comes to footwear for hotter months. But you can expand your footwear choices with several other aesthetically appealing options. Start wearing trendy slip-ons, plimsolls, espadrilles, and deck/boat shoes.

All these options are durable and breathable to survive those hot months. Most of them are washable and that’s perhaps the best part. They go perfectly well with casual outfit options and add a laid-back touch.

The stores are flooded with printed, patterned, and solid slip-on to go with your outfits. They are a rage these days and you can go sockless with them to create a cool and trendy silhouette. The right footwear choices can take your style game to a different level.

Accentuate Your Outfits with Summer Accessories

Summer months call for minimalistic outfit options and you want to be overdressed. Adding the right accessories can essentially accentuate your outfit in an effortless way. We are not suggesting gaudy and chunky necklaces and heavy jewelry here. Keep it light and easy breezy.

Since the sun is beating down most of the time, consider investing in a couple of trendy sunglasses. Whenever you step out, they are your go-to accessory. In addition, bright and bold accessories can complement with all the elements of your summer attires.

Some other must-haves are a pastel clutch, a straw hat, a basket handbag, bands, and small earrings. The stores have tons of different options for you to choose from.

The best part about accessories is that they offer more value for the money spent. They go with Western as well as women’s Eastern wear. You just need to know how to club them flawlessly and stylishly.

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