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How to Reset Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with Google Assistant, so you can ask questions and tell it what to do. You can start with “OK Google” to enjoy conversations, get answers from Google during the day, and manage your smart home. Google Home Mini works independently, or you can put it somewhere else around your house and harness the power of Google wherever you are.

With great sound, responsive microphones, intelligent home controls and the ability to act as a voice interpreter, the Google Assistant Home Mini is a huge success. The current generation speaker, Google Nest Mini, costs about $50. You can often get a deal and buy a device for about $30. The original model, the first-generation Google Home Mini, is the perfect player for intelligent homes of all sizes, and first-party and third-party developers can take advantage of the super-responsive Google Assistant to interact with all sorts of things.

Despite the high price, all new smart speakers and displays are coming out. You may be staring at Home Mini and wishing you had an intelligent collection, or you want to you had a brilliant group. Instead, if you’re considering replacing the Alexa Home Mini with one or another brand of Google’s more prominent brilliant speakers and presentations, use older hardware to be cost-effective or trade-in. Before you trade in your device, reset your speakers to factory settings. It also gives some tips on how to make a significant amount of changes from older speakers. This article will show you how to reset your Home Mini completely. These guides can also help you reset your Google Home hub to factory defaults and troubleshoot problems with Google Nest Mini.

Resetting Second-Generation Google Home Mini

Currently, there are two generations of Google Home Mini. Turn the speaker over if you don’t know which one you own. If you have a screw slot for wall mounting, it’s a second-generation model commonly known as the Google Nest Mini. If there are no screw slots, it’s a second-gen. The microphone on / off switch appears on the side of the device.

First, turn it to the off position. The LED light on the top of the speaker should be flashing orange. After about 5 seconds, the device will automatically start resetting to factory settings. Press and hold for about 10 seconds. You should then hear a beep indicating that the reset process is complete.

Resetting First Generation Google Home Mini

On the First-gen Mini, the reset button is under the power cord at the bottom of the device. Factory resets cannot be performed with the Google Home app. In both generations, resets can only be performed using the speaker buttons.

Doing a factory reset erases the data from the device and prepares the speaker for a new user. Press the reset button for approximately 15 seconds to reset the device to factory settings. As with the 2nd generation reset, you will hear a beep when the factory reset is complete.

Can You Sell Your Google Home Mini?

Google Home Mini can be redeemed for another product at many stores. Target and Walmart spend about $4 on a well-functioning Google Home Mini. Selling or trading devices in these megastores have the advantage of being a convenient and fast process. Remember that you probably won’t make as much money as if you sold it directly to someone else.

You can exchange Google Home Mini with interested buyers on websites such as Swappa, eBay etc. The standard price for Swappa is around $20, so you can make more money than if you were trying to sell it at Target or Walmart. If you want to see the reward, you must spend time and effort. Remember that you may have to wait a long time for your customers to come and offer your product. If you are willing to go one step further, you will get better returns.

Security Concerns

Hearing stories of hackers accessing intelligent home security cameras now and then, privacy concerns have become crucial for many consumers. Also, if you already have a smart home speaker at home, you may already know how the information is shared and how you control the privacy settings of a particular device. Leading technology companies like Apple and Amazon have raised privacy concerns about using audio recordings for voice assistants in their quality assessment procedures.

Google did the same in September 2019. Google has posted a blog about companies committed to protecting user privacy with Google Assistant. For Google Home Mini, Google doesn’t automatically save conversations with Google Assistant unless you allow it to your device. A toggle switch at the bottom of the device turns the microphone on and off. Therefore, if you are worried that a sensitive conversation is being recorded, manually turn off the microphone.

Final Thoughts

Google home mini is a handy device that helps you considerably around your home. It automates many tasks that usually require manual effort. It also allows you to save time on mundane tasks and spend time with friends and family instead. You can spend some quality time with your kids after coming home from work with smart devices. Smart Home installation price has also decreased with the increasing popularity of smart home devices, so you can consider upgrading your home to a smart home.

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