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How To Perform Cheap Home Renovations

Cheap renovations are possible, but it is necessary to know very well what we want and also contact the appropriate professionals.

A poorly planned renovation and contacting people who do not offer us a good service can make a renovation up to 100% more expensive, that is, making incorrect decisions can cause the budget for a renovation to double.


Materials for cheap home renovations

Nowadays all kinds of cheap materials are used in home renovations. According to Markham renovations experts, natural materials are not only ecological, but they are also cheaper than synthetic materials.

In any case, there are very cheap materials for renovations that offer excellent finishes.  These are some materials with which you can save on your renovation.

  • Bricks: Brick is still a cheap and very effective material. There are many types of bricks, but even the most expensive ones are much cheaper than other synthetic materials.
  • Polished concrete: Polished concrete is not only a fashionable material, but it is also very economical when compared to other materials. In the case of floors, it is much cheaper and easier to maintain than, for example, ceramic floors.
  • Laminate flooring: Laminate flooring is much cheaper than other wood flooring options. Laminate floors can even be laid over the existing floor, therefore they are cheaper.
  • Plasterboard panels: It is a new material that replaces other interior finishes. They are customizable and are currently available in different finishes and colors.
  • Precast: In general, precast is much cheaper than other materials. In addition to prefabricated walls for construction, there are also other panels, some of them designed for interior renovations.
  • Granite: As for natural stone, indeed, it is usually an expensive material, however, granite is not excessively expensive and can be incorporated into different parts of the house, especially indoors.


General tips for cheap renovations:

  • The first thing you should do is prepare a comprehensive renovation budget. It doesn’t matter if you want to save on your renovation or if you don’t care about the total cost. You must establish a prior budget and distribute your budget among the items you have planned.
  • Think about alternatives. In the next point, we will see materials that are not only cheap but also allow you to save in the long term.
  • Avoid distribution changes. A renovation can completely change a home without tearing down a partition. If you include redistribution tasks in your reform, the final budget will be higher.
  • Work with a previous contract. The contract does not oblige the company to offer you a lower estimate, but it does ensure that, in the event of non-compliance, the renovation company will compensate you.
  • Find out about available subsidies. Most subsidies for renovations come from the Autonomous Communities and city councils, ask your administrations about available public subsidies.


How much do materials influence the price?

The price of materials in a renovation can double the final price of the work. In most of the renovations that are usually carried out in a home, there are very economical materials, standard materials, and luxury materials.

In addition to comparing budgets for renovations, it is also important to compare the price of the materials we want to include.

When we consider the possibility of carrying out a cheap renovation at home, it is important to determine what type of companies are going to carry out the work and what prices they are offering us.

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