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Mastering Style: How Explainer Videos Elevate Your Message

Video explainers have become an integral part of video marketing strategies these days. Besides, these short videos that animated explainer video services specialize in creating are highly effective for communicating your business message. They elevate your brand message while making it easier for your target audience to understand it in a fascinating way.

However, it takes loads of hard work and time to create one-of-a-kind animated explainers. No worries if you do not know how to create video explainers that clearly stand out amongst the crowd! We are going to help you create and master this style of video via our tips in this post.

Mastering Style – How to Create Brilliant Explainer Videos

If you want to mesmerize your audience and leave a lasting impression on their minds, you should think out of the box. Put differently, creatively coming up with animated explainers is the key to effectively communicating your brand message to the audience. Besides, all it takes to create one-of-a-kind video explainers are three Es, that is, Engage, Educate, and Entertain.

Now, let us dive into how you can create brilliant video explainers while addressing the three Es:

1.     How to Come Up with Video Explainers That Engage

Coming up with engaging content is essential for businesses to effectively communicate their message and improve their online presence. Moreover, businesses can accomplish that with ease if they choose to create engaging animated or video explainers. Here are the things you need to address to create engaging explainer videos:

  1. Acknowledge the Audience & Connect

You must know who your audience is prior to creating your video. It will aid you in communicating your message with the audience in the right tone. Most importantly, acknowledging your audience and adopting the right pitch will help you build a connection with them. Besides, holding audiences’ attention till the end of videos is what it takes for businesses to connect with their audiences.

b.      Incorporate Interactive Elements

Incorporating interactive elements in your video explainers will enhance their power to hold your viewers’ attention. You can add interactive features like quizzes, Calls to Action (CTAs), etc., in your animated explainers. When you do, it will encourage your viewers to take actions you desire rather than watching your video only.

c.       Keep It Short

When it comes to engagingly communicating your message via video explainers, “less is more,” is the principle. By the same token, it is important that you keep your video short and to the point. Not to mention, partnering with top animated explainer video services is the best bet for businesses in this regard. Moreover, make sure that the language you use in your video is simple for your viewers to understand.

d.      Use Branding Elements

Use branding elements, such as colors, fonts, etc., in your video explainers. It will help the audience easily recognize your brand. Plus, it will serve as a game changer for your video content strategy.

2.     How to Come Up with Video Explainers That Educate

In general, video explainers are excellent educational tools when it comes to marketing. They allow you to use storytelling to let the audience effectively receive the information you want to convey to them. Put differently, you can educate the audience with clarity with the aid of video explainers. Here are the things you can do to create educational explainers:

a.      Employ Real-World Example

Employing real-world examples in your animated explainers, you can help the target audience visualize and comprehend your message. It will specifically help when you are communicating complex ideas to the audience. For the same reason, you may use case studies, anecdotes, etc., in your explainers. It will help your audience get your point or clearly understand your message.

b.      Team up with Content Creators

Team up with content creators to share their perspectives with you on the same topic. Then, you may come up with an educational explainer to provide viewers with a comprehensive view of the topic. Further, use data, statistics, and interesting visuals in your video to back up your points or arguments. You can eventually create informative and compelling explainers if you proceed in that manner with video production.

c.       Get Creative

Video explainers that animated explainer video services are experts in creating also let you get creative. Moreover, you should also get creative with your video explainers. You can use split screen, animation, etc., in your video where it demands it. It will allow your audience to better grasp the message you want to convey to them.

d.      Create a Series

You can create a series of animated explainers to cover a complex concept in depth for your audience. It will still allow you to leverage the power of short video explainers while successfully covering topics in-depth. Moreover, educating the audience in this way will help your business establish credibility among your target audience.

3.     How to Come Up with Video Explainers That Entertain

You cannot stand out amongst competitors if your animated explainers are boring. Besides, you are going to impress the audience with a dull video explainer. By the same token, you should do everything you can to make your video explainer entertaining. There are certainly ways to do that, which we have also shared below:

a.      Tell a Story

You can effectively leverage the power of explainer videos and hook your audience if you use storytelling. Not to mention, storytelling allows you to transform the most complex or boring topics into interesting ones. Therefore, take all the time you can to bring information in your animated explainers to life via storytelling.

b.      Add Some Energy

When it comes to video explainers, you can add some energy to them while incorporating animations. Moreover, your audience can better understand your message if you incorporate animated elements in your video explainers. Besides, you can incorporate animations in different styles in video explainers based on your video content needs. Motion graphics and character animations, to name a few of them. Thus, add some spark to your video with the aid of high-quality animations.

c.       Add Humour If Appropriate

Use humor in your video explainer where it is appropriate without going overboard. It will help your audience enjoyably understand the message you want to convey to them. Moreover, it will also make your video more memorable. Thus, use humor to lighten up your audience’s mood and meaningfully get your message across.

These are different ways you can exploit the three Es to create video explainers. Furthermore, partnering with one of the top animated explainer video services is your key to creating one-of-a-kind video explainers.


Today, video explainers have become an essential part of video marketing strategies. These videos allow you to elevate your brand message while making the audience easily understand it. Besides, there are three Es you need to consider in order to come up with brilliant explainers. Those three Es include Engage, Educate, and Entertain. Understanding your audience beforehand and keeping your videos short can help you create engaging explainers. In addition, using real-world examples and teaming up with content creators can help you create educational explainers. Furthermore, telling a story and using humor can aid you in creating entertaining explainers. Lastly, you can come up with one-of-a-kind video explainers if you partner with the top animated explainer video services.

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