Grow your Instagram Business Account

Instagram is a phenomenon! Millions of users log in all day and love to share what they are doing with their friends and loved ones. But how can an average user get more likes on their page? That’s the million-dollar question many people have asked themselves as they continue adding content to their pages. Here’s how you can gain more likes on Instagram. 

Build Your Audience

To build your audience on Instagram, you need to set up an Instagram feed so that people will see your updates. The Instagram feed will show the latest posts from your account, along with any photos that are relevant to what you are doing. So if you create daily photo updates, your followers will see those posts and any image you upload. If you are going low with the follower count, you can purchase real Instagram followers from SuperViral Australia.

Go Live

Next, go live on your account and ensure everyone knows you will live. The Instagram algorithm heavily depends on users clicking through your feed. If you go live and do not update your feed for 30 minutes, then the chances are that no one will be visiting your page. Everyone will click their way through to your meal instead of seeing your Instagram posts. You want to be obvious and let people know that you will live so they can take action!

Send direct Messages 

Sending direct messages is one of the best methods you can use to grow your Instagram page because a direct message is sent in private to each person and you are sure that your message will be read by the recipient, using which you can run a targeted advertising campaign. Of course, if you want to draw people’s attention to your page by sending direct messages, you should go to the pages that are active in your field of work, extract the usernames of the contacts of these pages (followers, likers and commenters) and send your advertising message in private to these usernames on a daily basis. As it is clear, repeating this process manually every day is difficult and time-consuming. It is almost impossible for you to manually find contact usernames and send them your message. To do this, you need a tool that will automatically run this process for you. One of the best available software products for sending direct messages on Instagram is the “v-User Bulk Instagram DM Sender Bot Package”, which includes various features. To see the features of this bot and to try its demo version, visit the v-User website. 

Understand Instagram Algorithm

So how can you use the Instagram algorithm to work to your advantage? The easiest way is to try and attract as many lives as possible. There are two ways to do this. One is to actively engage with your followers by replying to their comments and asking questions. The second is to go live, answer your followers’ questions, and comment on them.

Both methods will have an impact on engagement and your reach. The first method will reach more people, but you are more likely to get a lot of likes because there will be more comments. Also, the engagement level will be pretty low for comments. The second method is a little bit better. You will reach more likes because you will actively engage with your followers, but getting to the engagement level might take longer. It will be worth it, though, because you will have a lot of likes.

Use Moderation when Posting

The main thing you should always do is to use moderation when posting. This is key to your strategy because if you ever reach the point where people are commenting on your Instagram posts, but nobody is clicking the like button, then you should pull back a little and moderate your comments. Use moderation to help keep your followers engaged, and if you ever reach the point where people are not commenting on your posts because they are hitting the likes button, you should reengage your followers. It might take any time for this to happen. Still, if you consistently post quality content with no distractions, you will see results in engagement, and you should use Instagram for marketing.

Make Use of Hashtags

One of the best Instagram hashtags you should use is #instagram. This is the top Instagram hashtag right now. It is also one of the several successful ones. If you want your followers to click the likes button, post #instagram every chance. The best way to keep your fans engaged is to use the best hashtags and the best Instagram hashtags. Hashtags help you to get more followers organically. 

The last Instagram hashtags you should use are related to your product or service. For example, if you sell an eyelash growth serum, you should post a photo on your Instagram with a product description and the caption #instagramshopping. People will click these captions and read the product description. So, when people buy that eyelash growth serum, they will see how effective it is and might be persuaded to buy it from you. It’s all about image marketing and getting noticed on social media. So make sure you know the best ones to use and start creating quality content.

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