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Gomiblog Cupcakes and Cashmere Marilynn had never worked in an editing environment before, which was a condition of the Associate Editor post she was interviewing for, but it didn’t matter once I met her. Gomiblog Cupcakes and Cashmere have such a wonderful and serene temperament, and she communicates things in an extremely captivating way. She’s also effortlessly elegant and passionate about cuisine, which is two (unwritten) employment criteria. Emily –

When I met Marilynn two years ago through a mutual friend (just about the time I started here!),

I quickly liked her and was blown away by her effortless, polished style. Our hectic schedules stopped us from seeing one other very often over the next two years, but we stumbled into each other at events and maintained in touch. I knew she’d be a great fit for our team when she reached out about the Associate Editor post.

She’s been a reader for years, has an excellent flair for writing, and a super-natural eye for fashion and interior design—we’re very blessed to have her! She’s already done so much behind-the-scenes work over the last month (you might remember her from the Shop Instagram Stories!), and I can’t wait for you to get to know her as she contributes to the blog! Leslie –

I used to work as an architect. My background is primarily in restaurant and hotel design:

Which I enjoy because I enjoy eating out and traveling, as well as seeing people enjoy a fantastic meal or vacation at locations I’ve designed. Babette’s, Settebello (Newport Beach), Medici, and Hotel Carmel are a few of my favorite places I’ve worked on. [Note from Leslie: It’s the coolest thing ever when we walk into a gorgeous restaurant, and Marilynn adds, as casually as possible, “Oh, my team designed this!”]

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  2. Emily Schuman is planning a vacation. Work Modes in the Same Way She Does

Emily Schuman, whose Cupcakes and Cashmere blog

It has been sustaining her for ten years by posting the same content repeatedly and has announced that she would be officially moving out of work mode for the holidays. And what is she up to during her time off? Face masks, long baths, and getting her soak on in front of a fireplace are all things she undertakes as part of her full-time profession as an ambitious seller.

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Gomiblog Cupcakes and Cashmere’s therapist agrees that the critics are to blame.

Emily Schuman, who is now officially insufferable, has written about the “single most important tip” she “learned from therapy.” In a bizarre twist, it appears that her therapist has pushed her to believe she is flawless and that everyone who criticizes her is “projecting.”

Gomiblog Cupcakes and Cashmere Would Like To Be A Little Less Curated

Emily Schuman, the second most curated human on the internet, says she’ll be more genuine since “the need to be “on” all the time” is “exhausting.”

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  • JFC Alina Gonzalez Emily Schuman, Cupcakes, and Cashmere are still on her mind.

For years, I’ve wanted to work for Gomiblog Cupcakes and Cashmere since it’s been more than just a blog to read to me, but also a supportive community. So when I met Leslie at a performance and learned that this role was available, the timing felt perfect. In addition, I’d had a feeling for a few months that I’d be entering a new season of life in more ways than one (precipitated by the birth of my first kid earlier this year), so a career move felt appropriate; if rather daunting!

Gomi blog Cupcakes and Cashmere Shields jewelry:

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I grew up in Tempe, Arizona, which boasted massive. Air-conditioned retail malls and a mile-long street grid. (which made learning to drive and navigate a breeze. All I had to do was count the number of street lights to get to my grandmother’s house). I went to college in New Haven, Connecticut (moolah, booyah!). And then moved to Los Angeles after graduation since that’s. Where I met my now-husband five years ago (I did a one-year stint at USC for college).

I was a true stalker, always analyzing and anticipating the company’s next move. However, one of my favorite aspects of the company is. It is always evolving, and now that I am a part of it, I can spend my days doing what I already enjoy.

What is inspiration and joy:

I’m going to say two things instead of one. To begin, I must state that I adore the team. At my previous employment, most of my coworkers were older guys. So I wasn’t sure what to anticipate from working with a group of ladies (and G!). I don’t think about how much joy and inspiration it is to work with such talented and supportive ladies any longer.

My prior profession of architectural design is unquestionably creative. Still, there is frequently a significant time gap between the conception of an idea and the final product (think many months if not multiple years). I like how we can develop ideas as a team and create and share fresh material with our followers in only a few days. The frantic tempo is energizing!

It’s amazing how diverse it is!

I knew becoming an Associate Editor would entail more than just producing articles. Gomiblog Cupcakes and Cashmere But I’m still amazed at how much our team accomplishes daily.

This is a good one. There is no single proper way to achieve it, and balance is an ideal more than a reality. Waiting until I knew myself—and what makes me feel strong and capable—before having a child. It has been one of the things that have worked best for me. So, even with a newborn girl in the mix. I make sure to ask my husband to babysit her so I can do things. I need and enjoy, cooking a homemade dinner, working out, journaling, meeting up with a friend, for coffee.

Both are true! My husband refers to me as the Energizer Bunny. Gomiblog Cupcakes and Cashmere  I jump out of bed with my eyes wide open. I usually stay up late reading or preparing for our next party. But I have to admit that I enjoy mornings the most because they set the tone for the rest of the day. That normally entails sitting down with my daughter and hubby for a freshly prepared breakfast sandwich and coffee.

I’ve had far too many “blowouts” (don’t worry if you’re not a parent yet) to leave. The house without extra diapers and wipes. On the other hand, Gomiblog cupcakes and Cashmere I love a good party. So I’d throw one for all my pals at a beach house with a sushi chef, live music (maybe Justin Timberlake? ). The plenty of surfboards, and a babysitter to keep an eye on the kids.

Burgers and fries are my favorite foods.

Favorite piece of clothes or jewelry: My husband fashioned a custom necklace for me with his and Kaia’s initials.Sweet or savory: Sweet! I have dessert after every meal and at regular intervals throughout the day. Beach or mountains: Beach because I enjoy getting a good tan and listening to the waves.

Instagram is the most utilized app on your phone.

Hanging out with friends and family over wonderful food and wine is something. You could do it for hours and never get a try of.

Ebullient is one adjective that friends might use to describe you.

What did you study, and where did you go to school: I went to Yale to study architecture (with a side preoccupation with languages). The Cadillac margarita is the go-to drink order. It’s the top-shelf version of a margarita. What are your favorite genres to read and watch? I enjoy psychological thrillers and historical period dramas. Read also: Do Cupcakes and Cashmere run small?

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