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There’s nothing like the soothing sounds of crackling wood and dancing flames in a cosy fireplace to ease your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation.
Sitting in front of the fireplace can have several health benefits for the mind and body. For example, fire encourages good behaviour and reduces blood pressure.

What’s the Evidence?

Trance-like effects can be achieved through exposure to fire. For example, observing an open flame has been shown in studies to affect blood pressure. In addition, your mood will improve as soon as you begin spending time in front of the fire.

Neuroimaging studies demonstrate that even when the crackling noise of burning wood and the roaring flames is triggered in a lab experiment, people can experience lower blood pressure. In Norway, a television show showed a virtual fireplace for 12 hours straight to test these findings. People liked it because it made them feel better.

Crackling logs and flickering fire have long been associated with our psychology, from fireplaces to campfires.

In a series of experiments, Dr Christopher Lynn, a psychologist and medical anthropologist, studied hundreds of volunteers’ reactions to a virtual fire. The University of Alabama conducted a three-year study that found that even a recorded video of a fireplace can elicit primal instincts and help people relax.

The crackling sound lowers blood pressure.

The researchers from the University of Alabama who conducted the study referred to above had 226 participants. The fireplace video was shown to the participants, both with and without sound. The participant’s blood pressure was measured before and after watching the fireplace film.

According to the study, burning wood produces a sound that lowers blood pressure. People’s blood pressure decreased as they listened to the sound for extended periods—a wide range of blood pressure increases and drops among those who watch the film without sound. Additionally, when sound and flame were replicated in the lab, the participants’ brain scans revealed that they could still lower their blood pressure.

Mind-Detoxifying Effects of Fire

Research suggests that the mind-calming effects of fire may be due to evolutionary adaption. Fire provided early humans with an edge in terms of survival. Thus, they were more likely to lounge around the flames. To stare is a Sanskrit verb called Trataka, which means “to look.” Ayurvedic medicine has a long history of using this type of meditation, in which a person must fix their gaze on a specific object.

Looking into a fireplace is the most acceptable method to take this medication and relax your mind. It’s a fact of life that fire draws the human sight inward. This relaxed look at the sky will soothe your mind.

The Power of Fire

Sitting by the fireplace is a great way to meet new people. Because we are social animals, we must feel a sense of belonging and maintain those connections throughout our lives. In our downtime, especially around the fire, we can engage in meaningful conversation and discover shared interests with others.

Relaxing by the fireplace mentally with family and friends this winter, consider how the fire’s warmth can assist keep you warm and help you lead a healthier life.

Having a clear head and a calm body go hand in hand

Our minds are drawn to the roaring flames of the fire, which induces a state of tranquillity. The more time we spend gazing at the fire, the more time we spend escaping from the day’s stresses. As a result of this calm and non-obtrusive state, the anxiety subsides.

Particularly among the study participants with high ratings for desirable social characteristics like empathy and kindness, it was discovered that resting in front of a fire can lower blood pressure.

It’s not a new phenomenon to be drawn to fire. Humans have been drawn to fire since dawn, and spending time in front of a fire has long been a daily ritual for us. Moreover, since ancient times, fire has psychologically affected our ancestors and us.

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