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ExtraTorrents Proxy: Unblock Sites Updated [June-2023]

ExtraTorrents Proxy is a well-known torrent site, often compared to Kickass and Pirate Bay. It was founded in 2006 and is a popular P2P file-sharing site for downloading files, movies, and games. Torrent proxy sites have replaced the original website.

ExtraTorrents hosted an extensive collection of magnet and torrent links. The torrent site’s advanced search feature was one of its highlights. Nothing was hidden in the Extratorrents search box. Extratorrents, like other torrent sites, were voluntarily shut down on May 17, 2017. After taking down the website, torrent enthusiasts tried to clone or set up Extratorrents mirror sites.

Extratorrent.cd is one such surviving Extratorrent mirror site. The rest of the sites have vanished. Here is the updated list of Extratorrent proxy sites.

How do ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites Work?

Proxy sites serve as a link between your connection and the website you’re attempting to visit. When you utilize Extratorrent proxy sites, your browser’s internet traffic is routed through the proxy server before reaching Extratorrent mirror sites.

It not only allows you to unblock Extratorrent, but it also allows you to visit the Extratorrent website even if it is prohibited in your area.

ExtraTorrent Proxy List

The extratorrent mirror sites included in this page are verified regularly. Please do not hesitate to report any Extratorrent proxy sites that are not functioning correctly.

Extratorrent Alternatives

For those experiencing difficulties with the Extratorrent proxy sites listed above, we have also collected a list of other torrent sites that you may try. Some of the greatest torrent sites are includes in our list of Extratorrent alternatives.

1. Pirate Bay

 ExtraTorrents Proxy

The Pirate Bay’s inclusion in this list of Extratorrent alternatives is unsurprising. The popular torrent site has many torrents for downloading movies, games, and other files via the peer-to-peer file-sharing technique. The website has an attractive appearance and is simple to explore. The Pirate Bay should be your first port of call if Extratorrent is unavailable for whatever reason.

2. Kickass Torrents 

 ExtraTorrents Proxy

The Kickass torrent client is the next best alternative if Extratorrent isn’t functioning for you. While one of the most popular torrent websites in the world has long since disappeared, its followers have worked tirelessly to bring it back to life so that torrent enthusiasts would no longer be without it. You can also use Proxy servers and other mirror sites to access KAT.


extratorrents proxy


1337x is another renowned torrent site that has recently gained considerable popularity, particularly among movie enthusiasts. The 1337x torrent site features a significant collection of movie torrents and the ability to see the latest trailers. However, we should remind you that the torrent site contains copyrighted films, and downloading them is a criminal act. Nevertheless, 1337x is one of the most effective Extratorrent alternatives available online.

4. Yify

 ExtraTorrents Proxy

Extratorrent is one of the greatest torrent sites available, but another site looks and operates in the same way as it does while also providing a similar user experience. It’s none other than Yify or YTS Movies, to put it simply. Torrent enthusiasts recently resurrected this torrent site, and it has since established itself as a go-to destination for people looking to see the latest trailers and download movies through torrent.

Why Use Extratorrent Proxy Sites To Unblock ExtraTorrents?

As previously stated, copyright watchdogs seized ExtraTorrents’ website. There is no better way to unblock Extratorrents than utilizing the Extratorrent proxy list. Several proxy services lead to ExtraTorrent clone sites for torrent downloads because Extratorrent proxy websites are unstable and frequently blocked. So we have created a list of working ExtraTorrent proxy sites that we have personally tested.

Use the above list to unblock ExtraTorrents.

Utilization of ExraTorrents Proxy Websites

If your location prohibits access to the functional Extratorrents website (extratorrents.cd). Then you may use proxies to unblock Extratorrents and download torrents. Because, we’ve compiled a list of ExtraTorrent proxy sites for your convenience.

If you’re unfamiliar with how proxies function, the proxies includes in our Extratorrent proxy list act as intermediary servers that mask your IP address, allowing you to visit the website without the destination website tracking your activity.

VPNs and Extratorrents

To unblock Extratorrents in countries like China or India. Where torrent sites are blocked, you can utilize a VPN. So, download a VPN, pick a different country’s server, and access any Extratorrent proxies listed above.

Try our 1337x Proxy list if none of the Extratorrent proxy websites work for you.

What Is the Best Way to Download Torrent Files?

To use torrent to download files, download the torrent file and open it in a torrent client. Hence, Torrent clients for Windows and Mac may be found at the URL below.

  • Windows Torrent Clients
  • Mac Torrent Clients

So, look for an old, dependable torrent site with few ads. For faster downloads, seek a torrent file with more seeds, peers, and leechers. Always check the torrent file after downloading it.


So, those were some of the top ExtraTorrent proxy sites that will allow you to access the torrent site without being blocked. They are well worth your time to check out. Would you please share any personal recommendations you have for the best proxy and mirror sites. Because to use to unblock Extratorrents in the comments section below.

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