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Duowei News: Why Duowei News Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Duowei News was founded in 1999 and is a Chinese-language news website based in New York City, USA.

The website was founded by Ho-Pin in 1999 but was taken over by Hong Kong media mogul Yu Pun-hoi in 2009.

Ho-Pin now publishes Mingjing News. Duowei has a new office in Beijing. Duowei News, called initially Chinese News Net, is a Chinese-language news website.

The website is Multidimensional News and specializes in Chinese political news. Duowei Newsis currently blocked in mainland China.

In 2013, China Digital Times and Citizen Lab, Jason Q. Ng considered the point of sale critical to mainland Chinese and Chinese policy. According to Radio France Internationale in 2018.

The site was accused of favouring Beijing and promoting propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Duowei News?

It has hundreds of millions of visitors and reports on global information related to Chinese news. It is the most authoritative and influential professional news media website.

Top Feature of Duowei News:

The latest and fast exclusive interviews, every minute and every second, anytime and throughout the year, highlight and truthfully present content and topics, offer news of an international focus and focus on Chinese information from around the world. World Chinese channel, local care It is more accessible in China. The interactive social platform of the exclusive member network for forums and blogs is an interactive social platform for multifunctional entire member networks. You can contact family and friends at home and abroad, share life and discuss different topics freely—ethnic market research.

Higher Flow:

Almost 4.6 million users of online readers per month are available on the Duowei News website.

Online Activities and Surveys:

Online Activities and Surveys based on the interest of leading audience readers in the DWNews.com experience. You can exponentially increase opportunities to reach the desired target group through the Duowei News Network. As a result, use market trends and budgets more effectively, expand opportunities for market mobility and increase the impact and effectiveness of advertising media.

Marketing Collaboration:

Duowei News offers tailored marketing programs and integrated marketing to customers. It uses current products and consumer information in combination with soft and hard advertising to deliver them to the Chinese public overseas. Multidimensional helps customers create brand awareness and increase consumer recognition.

Yu Pun-Hoi, The Owner Of Duowei News: 

Duowei News

Yu Pun-hoi (born 1958) owns Duowei News, commonly known as P H Yu. He is an entrepreneur from Hong Kong in information technology, film, culture and media. He is the CEO and largest shareholder of Hong Kong Listed Nan Hai Corporation Limited and Sino-i Technology Limited. Yu is also the founder and president of the Tsinghua University Center for US-China Relations and the Chinese Cultural Research Center at Beijing University.

More About:

Type:  News website

Industry:  Media

Founded:  11 January 1999

Media Name: Duowei News

Founder:  Ho Pin

Headquarters:  New York, United States

Owner: Yu Pun-hoi

Website: https://www.dwnews.com

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