Coraline's welcome home cake

Coraline “Welcome Home” Cake: The One Detail You Never Noticed

Coraline’s welcome home cake has been rigged with hidden messages anticipating her homecoming.

We’re always up for a good Easter egg-themed movie! The word “Easter egg” refers to a joke or reference hidden within a scene or sequence of stages.

According to the site, Coraline’s secret identity has just been revealed by TikTok user @hiddenmoviedetails.

Do you have any idea what the “Secret” is?

On a family vacation in 2009, a curious 11-year-old discovers a different, remarkable universe. Similar to her own in terms of appearance and behaviour. Coraline must rely on her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to return home and save her family.

The words “Welcome Home” are printed in red letters on the cake’s icing-covered icing surface. Looking attentively, you will notice that the letter “o” in the word “home” has a double loop. What exactly is the goal of this? According to graphology, which studies handwriting patterns, a double loop on a lowercase “o” suggests that the person is telling the truth when they are lying.

While Coraline is warmly greeted, the phrase on the welcome home cake only has one double loop. It is signifying that she is not entirely at home with her family.

However, that isn’t the only secret to making a delicious cake.


If you’re looking for cake secrets, placing a pan of water in the oven while the cake bakes is one method of preventing it from drying out while it bakes. In this way, heat does not deprive moisture in the environment.

What is the source of your cake’s tendency to stick to the bottom of your baking dish? Make sure you line the bottom of each pan with parchment paper the next time you make them.

And what is the secret to making the finest chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted? Although it may seem impossible, mayonnaise is the hidden ingredient in this dish. This is because acids (such as vinegar in mayonnaise) help to bring out the flavours of your ingredients. This means that vinegar can make a chocolate cake even more decadent tasting by adding it to the batter.

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