How to Change VPN Location on iPhone in Easy Way

How to Change VPN Location on iPhone in Easy Way?

Changing your iPhone’s location is a valuable and sometimes critical trait. It helps you watch Disney+ and Netflix shows from libraries that aren’t accessible in your country and crucial for hiding your current location from hackers and anybody else who could be watching you. You may also maintain your online privacy from hackers by changing the location of your iPhone. In this post, we’ll teach you how to change the VPN location on your iPhone straightforwardly.

Follow the Steps to Change VPN Location on your iPhone.

It is the easiest way to change the VPN location on your iPhone. You just follow the steps that we have given below.

  1. First of all, select a suitable VPN for your iPhone device.
  2. Then download and install the software from the Apple store on your device.
  3. After that, you need to complete the signup process.
  4. It would be best to connect to a server in your desired location.
  5. Now you have changed your location on your iPhone and can browse without restriction.
  6. Finally, you can enjoy having access to information, websites, and services from across the world.

 Change Location on iPhone With Best One Recommended VPN.

You can change location on your iPhone using your favourite VPNs, but we recommended NordVPN, which saves 68% and is very beneficial because some are too extremely slow for streaming. In contrast, others may be insecure and betray your exact location. A VPN hides your iPhone’s IP address and gives you a new one. Changing your IP address changes your phone’s virtual location, so no other websites and apps will know where you are right now. But NordVPN needs your subscription first.

Making Use of NrodVPN

Using NordVPN is a fantastic way to change the VPN location on iPhone easily. NordVPN is open-source and specialized software that can be downloaded directly and free of cost from Apple iTunes. It enables you to customize your iOS device manually.

How to Change VPN Location on NordVPN?

Follow the step-by-step guide to change your VPN location with NordVPN, which we mention below.

  • Install the VPN app on your smart device.
    Now start the app on your iPhone device.
  • Then input your log-in information.
  • Click the “Quick connect” button to connect to the best distant servers quickly.

Finally, this will change your VPN connection to the preferred area. You may also use NordVPN’s technology to select the fastest accessible server by clicking on the country pin.

Benefits of Changing VPN Location on Your iPhone 

You can efficiently perform various activities in different locations on your iPhone. The following are the primary benefits of using a VPN to change the location of your iPhone:

  • Apps for Changing Your IP Address
  • Get Around Geo-Restrictions
  • Work Remotely
  • Getting Cheaper Offers
  • Sports Events
  • Protecting Your Location
  • The Online Activity will be Encrypted
  • Online Shopping
  • Region-Specific Mobile Games
  • Enhanced Security
  • Speed Throttling
  • You are using several versions of your favourite streaming services.


Can I Change the Location of My iPhone Manually?

You definitely can. You may manually change your iPhone location using the App Store and settings. However, you cannot evade geo-blocks unless you change your device’s IP address. To do so, we strongly advise using a reputable iOS VPN.

Why Can VPN Not Change My Location?

Restart your device and try again. If the IP address is from a different country than the one you picked, your VPN may have any issues. Close and restart your client, then connect to thousands of servers and use the site to validate their location. Please notify your VPN of any changes.

Is it Legal to Change Your iPhone Location?

Simply said, the answer is yes. You are not violating any national or international laws by changing the location of your iPhone. On the other hand, using another country’s field on your iPhone may violate Apple’s Terms of Service. But we strongly urge you to utilize a VPN to alter the location of your iPhone to protect yourself and your device.


If you want to change the VPN location on your iPhone, you may use the steps described in this article. Moreover, several more excellent iOS/Android applications can be used for changing your location. I hope you understand easily the process of changing the VPN location on your iPhone that we mentioned in this article. Anyhow, if you have any questions about this guide, you can ask any time in the comment section without hesitation. We will be here for your help. Thanks!

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