Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing of Your Business

Every day that teams postpone the use of innovative solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, they are losing competitive advantage, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

That is why it is so important to understand the basic ideas behind the applications of this technology.

Currently, artificial intelligence systems are constantly working in the context of popular products and services such as Amazon, Netflix, Amazon and Google. However, in recent years, AI has also made its way into marketing to help brands improve the customer journey.

Advantages of AI in marketing:

The use of AI in marketing strategies has a positive impact on business. In addition, this technology offers some general benefits such as:

Increased campaign ROI

Artificial intelligence platforms make it possible to extract valuable data that marketers can use in real-time to improve their campaigns.

Thanks to the information they provide, it is possible to make quick decisions to create more effective ads and obtain the maximum value from the investment.


Improved measurement

Many companies have trouble collecting and analyzing the data their marketing campaigns produce.

The use of AI allows us to have a more complete vision of what is working and what is not to be able to replicate the same strategies in other channels and have clarity on how to allocate budgets.


Better customer relations

By using artificial intelligence in marketing, companies can deliver personalized messages to their customers at the appropriate points in their lifecycle.

It could also help marketers identify at-risk customers and target them with information that allows them to re-engage with the brand.


Use of artificial intelligence in marketing:

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of using AI in your company’s marketing, we will tell you about some of its main applications.

Email marketing

One of the strategies that benefit the most from artificial intelligence is email marketing. Many companies are using the power of this technology to personalize their campaigns through this channel, based on user preferences and behaviors.

This is important because it helps you connect better with them and convert them into customers.

This technology is capable of optimizing the subject text of an email and finding the most effective version to use with the audience. This improves open and click rates.


Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence still can’t write political opinions or an article about the best advice for a specific industry.

However, there are certain areas where AI-created content can be useful. For example, it is used to write trading reports, real-time stock information, sports game summaries, and news, based on data and information automatically.

In this case, the goal of using this technology is to make the work of content creators more efficient.


Predictive analysis

This is a form of statistical analysis that uses data, algorithms, and machine-learning techniques to identify the probability of certain things happening in the future.

When AI analyzes data from past events, it can reasonably and accurately infer what performance will look like in the future based on a variety of factors. In marketing, it can be used to analyze what users like to offer them suggestions when they search.


User experience

In digital marketing, artificial intelligence can also be applied to the user experience on the website.

While it is true that the capacity of this technology is far from being able to create new websites from scratch, it can help improve the visitor experience thanks to personalization.

By analyzing different user data points such as demographics, location, website interaction, device used, etc.,

AI can show content and offers more suitable for each person. You can also show specific push notifications for individual users.

If you have doubts about its implementation, contact our experts at Digital Specialist they will help you get the most out of this technology in your marketing strategies.

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