alaskan bush people canceled

Is Alaskan Bush People Cancelled? Here are the Show’s Facts!

Alaskan Bush People Canceled: Alaskan Bush People follows the Brown family as they strive to survive in the wild, cut off from the modern world.

alaskan bush people canceled

Hoonah, Alaska, and Chichagof Island were the locations for the show’s initial airing on May 6, 2014. Filming for the later seasons took place in Okanogan, Washington.

In February 2020, the show’s fans called for the show to be cancelled following the arrest of cast member Bear Brown for drug use.

The show’s viewers wanted it to be cancelled.

When his girlfriend, Raiven Adams, with whom the actor has a young son. Allegedly accused him of drug abuse, the situation was said to have arisen When she went public with the allegations. He had threatened to retaliate. Because of this, she was granted a restraining order against him on the condition that she reveal all.

As a result of the news, fans began to criticise the show and call for it to be cancelled. I mean, it’s obvious that the entire family is off-kilter, and their “I’m living in the wilderness” act is a farce.”

Someone on Facebook wrote, “If this show isn’t already cancelled, it should be.”

“| see Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People has a protective order against him for being abusive to his pregnant ex. Is said to be an avid drug user. “The family is in trouble and should not be shown on television in such a negative light.” With their one-year-old son River in tow, Bear and Raiven are settled into their new home.

Is Alaskan Bush People Canceled?

When Alaskan Bush People became embroiled in controversy, the show’s 12th season had yet to begin airing without an announcement. The last episode of Season 11 aired on January 29, 2020, which was the most recent episode at the time. Nevertheless, despite the backlash, the show continued to air, and Season 12 premiered on August 23, 2020. There were only eight episodes in the 12th season. 2020 October 11.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Gave Tribute to Lost Member in Season 13

Death of Billy Brown, the show’s paternal patriarch, was a sad event that occurred following the conclusion of Season 12. Billy died on February 7, 2021, at the age of 68, from a seizure, according to People.

As a result, the Brown family made an effort to pay tribute to the old man in Season 13 of the reality television show. It was an emotional moment for Billy’s family as they shared their thoughts on his legacy in a preview of the new season. For the longest time, our father, Bam Bam, had warned us that eventually. We would have to carry on without him. It’s true that we weren’t ready to let him go.

It is clear now that Snowbird’s father was laying out a plan for his children, preparing them to realise the vision. “Looking back, Dad knew his time in this world was coming to an end. “Had we only realised his scheme earlier.” September 19, 2021 is likely the date of the 13th season premiere of the show. On November 28, the season came to an end after 14 episodes.

We have yet to hear anything about the next season, which will be Season 14.

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